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Different Level's Colors.

A topic by Equite created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 350 Replies: 4
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If your game has different levels can you have a different 2 color palettes on each level?  Like have orange and blue on this level, and black and white on this level.  Kind of emulating what games did with CGA, they'd swap color palettes, from Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Black, White to Red, Green, Black, and Brown.


No, you can use only 2 colors for all the game. Maybe I'm going to create an other game jam with this principle ^^

Deleted 2 years ago

Because with gradiant you don't have only 2 colors on screen


What if there was an option at the starting screen for the user to set what they want the 2 colors to be?


If you do that, the colors change when the game was launch, you can do that but with a config file or something like this.