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Murky the mummy wants to go to bed, help him out.
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound environment (including original music if there is)#83.5003.500
Respect of the themes#123.5713.571

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team and/or Credits
Vita, Brin, Derek

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Any chance you can make linux build?:)


Will try to get it up asap!


Graphics and music are great. The game is challenging (at least I couldn't pass level 4).


Here's all that i found:

  • Menù hard to coomprehend, but maybe it's just me... (i was clicking the up and down keys on my keyboard for a while)
  • Shouldn't be the menù a level??? It has much more sense…
  • TYPO on level 2??? (Toiler => Toilet)
  • This thing
  •  Why can't i open doors if the game it's not paused??? -_-
  •  That doesn't look like Inbiamba Jombes at all... It's just a zombie with an hat... (Where is the whip???)
  • This thing (looks like a bug if you ask me)
  • Why that door in level 8 exist??? Also the main mechanic can be totally ignored in that level...
  • Way too precise manovers to get that toilet paper in level 9...
  • Also, still in level 9 you can build a door and open it underneat the mummy's feet and open it, and it freaks out for a while...
  • Thtat's something... (btw, this can occur in ANY level, not just in level 9)
  • I haven't tryied myself, but if the door on the floor is a bug, then i'm pretty sure you can softlock yourself…
  • Some toliet paper are straith up impossible to get... good to known

And that's it!!! I hope this feedback is usefull!!! This game honestly was a blast to play!!! =D


A lot of thanks for the detailed detective work! I'll squish those bugs when I can!! I am however glad to hear you still enjoyed the game :)


Yeah, Honestly i don't think i expressed well enough how much i liked this game (I mean, i finished like 3 times, so...), graphics and gameplay are amazing, audio i don't remeber much but probably was great too. It is not a full 5 star game, but it come SOO close to it!!! =D

I wanted to point out the flashy tile bug, because i din't see that mentioned much, and i said to myself "at this poins, I can do a detailed comment with all the thin i found", and here i was... I personally LOVE to search for bug and exploits in a game (as wass as exploration in general. If you search for my comments you can easly see that), so it was a fun ride to do!!!

Thank you for making this game!!! (It's not often that i say that, yknow??)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's a fun game i think, the puzzle design is good, event though it sometime feel more like timing. I think my only complain is the toilet paper, it's useless, which usually means it supposed to be just a challenge. but it's also impossible to get them all, which mean it's also can't be a challenge. or at least that what i thought, i might be just stupid that idk that the paper i talked about is actually possible to get lol

The soundtrack is really fitting. The graphic is already at mobile game level you could just put this on play store if this was longer

oh yeah and the spike mechanism is really confusing

overall 7.75/10


Hi, thanks so much for the detailed thoughts!

I realise that some of the toilet paper is impossible to get (dw u smart). We had some issues with levels and github in the end so we didn't test the stuff properly. For the sake of the jam, and fairness I feel like it's far to not update it (for now). Thanks a bunch tho!


This was really fun to play and the art is great! It was a bit hard to figure out how to play in the begining, but once i did it was enjoyable.


loved the concept and was quite challenging, great job !


Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I designed a part of the levels and in the end I didn't even know if they are easy or hard since I was breathing and eating the game for the past few days haha