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nice mechanic. but its looks like i coul turn right sharper than turning leff

just finished the game (or at least i think so, i kinda believe that the test is not over)
If there's one complain it would be that C at server sequence. it only throw me off once, but would be much better without it. other also already pointed it out, so..

im also still wondering about the coffee, the credit, and a couple random number that maybe will lead somewhere. but anyway great game. love your stuff mojiken. keep it up

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my score is 100 seconds, adn i still have 1 potion

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takes me back to the gamehouse era. looks like this game was heavily inspired by mummy maze, or maybe GH isnt the first, and mummy maze is also based on something else.
Anyway, the game is quite fun so far, but i kinda struggle with it, its not as casual as i thought it gonna be. i'll try to beat it when i have the time

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I actually also have this idea of "TictacToe with multiverse" but i scrapped it because when i tested it on paper it has so much problem that makes the game unfair. my idea is quite different though actually

And it's looks like you didn't test the idea on paper,  in this game obviously the 1st player could always win xd

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Is the restriction is like "you may only use 3 color" or is it open for interpretation, and how strict does the rule for limitation ?

I think we should create a discord server or something

Last year, it didn't really matter how you interpret it. at the end the player would be the judge, so just do what you think player want if you want to get high place.

that is assuming the scoring system wont change

My first game is also made for paint jam lol, at that time i just watch a lot of GMTK and brackeys. while the game is turned out to be embarrassingly short, it got quite decent place on the jam.

i think there's an issue with the button hitbox

you forgot to add a border lol

i could just put the chara on the on the far side of the screen, lyfe hax

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prob the best thing i play today lol. it's just so bizzare XD


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since you already over the 3 hour time, you should've just work to add some more level. i can't believe it only has 1 level (or 2 if you count the first one).  it wont take too long since you already finish the mechanic. oh yeah and add a restart button, thought i have to pick up the chest since you didn't tell me it's a sokoban lol. you may want to add some gameplay detail on the desc since there's no instruction anywhere on the game

Anyway, GL on your future project

I love it,  the visual is great, the gameplay fun. i also love how the cannon shot is calculated. would be better if you add some sign for incoming canon though.

I think it's very weak in term of gameplay, but i love the visual

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It felt like i just bruteforce to finish the game lol

I think it would be much better if you made some clue where to find the item, maybe some odd shaped island and some piece of paper would do. Ring Bonney's Treasure last level is a great example for this

GL for the future

It's actually very fun lol, your hardwork really payoff. there's some issue i wanted to point out though

- The 4th (?) level were too trivial (im not sure that the right word). the 5th level are actually easier lol

- i think your parrot cover the tiny island mentioned on the last level clue

- The red skull (sign that you dig in the wrong place) cover the map and the last level clue text

Other than the first issue, it's just a minor annoyance. but if you want to improve this game in the future, you got some issue to fix.

Im excited to see your future works

bruh, put some effort on the game page, your hardwork deserve some attention lol.

The visual is great, i love the your drawing. there's some issue with the gameplay though, such as : player movement too fast, weird hitbox, and sometime i'ts unclear which obj would kill you. but other than that, it's good.

GL for your next project

ill fix the issue soon, thanks for playing.

Thanks for the solution and the praise, ill implement these when i open unity. actually the player already use zero friction material though. i might use capsule collider for all my player in the future.

Cool, i only managed to clean 14 block, and then the white player refusing to pickup block. idk why.

thx, sorry for the inconvenience i forgot how to use composite collider lol. ive figured out how now, but it introduce new issue, so it wont be a simple fix.

Thank you. and for the wall issue, that completely my fault, i just make sure the suffering slightly more bearable lol

very original concept i guess ? ive never seen game like this before. it a bit confusing though, because it's written in foreign language, i dont even know you could rotate your cube.

and idk if you just have weird keyboard map or its the color initial on some language i dont know, but the control really uncomfortable, and the bounce direction sometime really weird. I stuck on the level where there are green and blue wall.

very original gameplay. but i just ended up shooting randomly while spamming the A button lol

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i also got stuck on the scrolling level lol, the space is just too tight on the  down movement. and the character movement just too fast.

but i like the music and the visual, the music not really the best fit, but its really calming

nice game, took me a while to figure out how to pass 1306.but after i figure out how, i die on 1456 and give up

Very pleasing visual. probably the most polished game in the jam.

if i have any complain it's gonna be about these 3 vortex, these suckers kept sending me down over and over again lol, i managed to overcame it at the end though

love the visual and the audio

Quite original idea, kinda remind me to hole in the wall game show. i have a couple of complain though,

first it move too quickly,i think if the heli light on the bg is the same as the next heli pass it would be better

second, its a bit hard to know how the light control works

but otherwise, its a very good concept, and really cool for a first game. i hope you'll keep creating in the future

Cool, a very creative puzzle concept. and the soundtract is very fitting too

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i had to change that yee yee ass soundtrack soon lol

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Cool idea, the level are well designed. i wish it was much longer

if you click after you fall into hole, you could stay above the level just like mario 1-2 skip lol. It felt a bit lacking of SFX but it would't fit with the upbeat soundtrack. but other than that, it's pretty good.

kinda remind me to geometry dash

wait nvm i figured it out lol

idk why but sometime the number wont change

This game is really similiar to another submission, Keep Jumpin' by OliverKile. the only diiference is the jump mechanic. i think my only problem is that this game too slow and too easy, im bored and kill the player on floor 60.

I like that the bird immediately fall when they hit the propeller lol. the mechanism is very interesting. and the timing is quite tight, i only managed to win once.