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i just noticed that you have an albanian name, totally understand if you dont wanna throw yu-music on the radio!

i played it for a good while more again now and its really so so great. i like the driving (i saw some comments that they dont). i really wish i could tune into some yugo new wave music on the radio, or some folk things

its great regardless (and is a great choice)

im from slovenia, and i’ve been trying to reconnect with my homecountry and it’s pan-slavic past over the past few months, so finding something like this is very pretty. i moved back to slovenia a little bit ago now after finishing my studies and found myself in a place where most of my friends are studying abroad, or living abroad, yet with some desire to try the best out of this and to appreciate this land.

i can not wait to sit down with some friends in this yugo and chat with them

this is so beautiful, thank you i love it

very cute <3

have you tried playing in low gfx mode? on the pause or start menu just untick the high gfx checkbox.

hi! what do you find off about the balancing?

Good job!!

absolutely wonderful. keep it up you sickos

Hey! Im not sure how much of the game you played but if you defeat all three of the bosses in the cluster around level 4 you should unlock an ability like that :)

M1 Macbook Air, I get the “application can not be opened “as well, even after trying to unquarantine it

Greetings Presenter….

we have been recently updating PRESENTER SLIDES to a new, 0% bug, version. Maybe you somehow got stuck in our intern’s update cycle. Please proceed to download again.

Thank you presenter……

I know, and thats why shipping costs for us are higher. Sorry :(

Dear Presenter…

Our interns have identified, and squashed, the issue you have encountered. The builds of the software should now be updated to reflect this NEW and IMPROVED version of Presenter Slides.

We again apologise for the inconvenience. If you desire, you can send an email to and we will provide you with FREE complementary license as gratitude for discovering the issue.


Presenter Sldies Team

Dear Presenter…

Thank you for your usage of the software. Our software is certainly NOT a sick joke! We will put our interns into overtime to figure out why the Lighthouse feature was inaccessible when the conditions for it were met.

We are puzzled and saddened by that discovery.

I hope you continue to use our software in these trying times.

Best, Presenter Slides Team

Hello Presenter!

We thank you for your interest in improving the bug-free hit enterprise software Presenter Slides™. Let us know what is a bug that you (did not) encounter and we will assign it to our interns.

Best, the CEOs


I’m trying to use the exclusive content/rewards as a way of letting the players buy a physical copy of a game we’re releasing soon. The game page is currently set to restricted, we want to limit the amount of copies and set a separate minimum price.

With this in mind I created a new item on the rewards section and set the following settings:

When I try to test this out, on the restricted view of the page by entering 0€ as a price, I get the following error:

Am I setting something up incorrectly? or can I simply expect things to go well when the site is public? Thanks!

lovely. i like to listen to the games that i work on!

i strived for repetition (routine) at one point in my life, then i feared it and abandoned it, now im not sure what my relationship with it is, but this felt like a nice little thing to read and think about my patterns. 

hey! we have a version on newgrounds that's a lot newer and implements a lot of feedback we got on this one. you can try it here:

no ur stinkin cute

noted for the future!

you should be able to send a message after booting up and setting your name for the first time. then, every new day, you should be able to do that again.

hey, thanks for the report. I only tested it out on macOS 12 and it worked fine there. I dont think we will be able to get to this soon but I agree with you that idealy we should allow you to launch it without transparency as a way of working around this.

Hey, sorry if you run into any crap. I try to go through the database every so often to clean out bad actors. But I agree, people that roleplay make my day :)

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You are on frequency 86.7 MHz! Happy broadcasting!

Oh no! What version of macOS are you on? I'm on 12 and it works fine for me :/
We'll be doing an update soon-ish tho cleaning some thigns up so hopefully that cleans the thing up.

erm its one giant google form. dont tell google pls.

oh lord youre the first one to mention that. are you on xwindow or wayland? we didnt really test linux so i have no clue why that is going on.

ash wrote their part of the devlog which explains this i just need ot write mine and you should be able to read how it was done there.

its supposed to stay on top of things, is that not the case on linux? we couldn't really tested so we just yolo uploaded the build

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you can send a new one tomorrow :)

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its <10, ur good

are they not visible? I can see them in a private window without being logged in.

you were actually right, i had the code that restarted the timer commented out. feel free to listen to a more diverse set of radio stations now :)


Be patient, they will :)

Woops I think I didnt include the pck in the linux zip. Ill reupload later.

ur good dont worry. i wont tell anyone


Hey I just came to report this as well. Sadly its still mirrored in safari :/