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plezalec sem 👍

kjut kolažek tilov :]

… zakaj je enim rožam všeč da jih pohodim D:


pewf, sam da sem za mizo koncal.

zelo sem vesel, da sem lahko preživel dan v HUSTLE COPRU 💼

zlo kjut barvna paleta :)

person standing the game


jasni nic ni jasno


me zelo veseli da spada spanje med hobije

deluje kot super sprehod, dobra ideja kdorkoli se je spomnil 👍🧍‍♂️

🐸 +1 friend

zdaj znam skuhat spikeseliran lemon cake, hvala 👩‍🍳👍

Res sem lonely trneutno, ker ne morem v tole podjetje :(


Vrjetno kak exit na prvi sceni ni vredu postavljen.

hvala, zdaj imam samozavest 👍

vso sreco hobitu 🫡

hvala za hobij!!!

(1 edit)

🪓 wood play again (ceprav nisem znal po tem, ko sem porezal drevesa prit nazaj do zacetka?)

(1 edit)

tisti prijatelji ob hlebu kruha je vse kar hocem od zivljenja

pejd na edit game pa nastavi file na “this will be playable” in browser da lahko igramo kr na netu brez da se karkoli nalozi :)

rozica za moj dom🥹🥹

Hey! Thanks for being in the loop with the game. We had some exciting things happen last year which means that the game could become way bigger than we initially expected it to be. We renovated our steam page 2 months ago and there’s a lot more details to what’s coming way sooner than you may think ;)

This was very very lovely!

Its not. I think it happens on safari sometimes. We moved on from the way we were rending some things so in the future version ™️ this still not be the case (hopefully).

Great game, spent a few hours on it :)

lmao amazing shit

Yea I’m sorry :( ill look into that this week and try fixing it but if i cant figure it out its staying like this lol.

Yea! It was just a short concept made in 3 hours! I think, ultimately, this one is a failure but there is a lot of potential in using snake as a base game.

i just noticed that you have an albanian name, totally understand if you dont wanna throw yu-music on the radio!

i played it for a good while more again now and its really so so great. i like the driving (i saw some comments that they dont). i really wish i could tune into some yugo new wave music on the radio, or some folk things

its great regardless (and is a great choice)

im from slovenia, and i’ve been trying to reconnect with my homecountry and it’s pan-slavic past over the past few months, so finding something like this is very pretty. i moved back to slovenia a little bit ago now after finishing my studies and found myself in a place where most of my friends are studying abroad, or living abroad, yet with some desire to try the best out of this and to appreciate this land.

i can not wait to sit down with some friends in this yugo and chat with them

this is so beautiful, thank you i love it

very cute <3

have you tried playing in low gfx mode? on the pause or start menu just untick the high gfx checkbox.

hi! what do you find off about the balancing?

Good job!!

absolutely wonderful. keep it up you sickos