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Piksi a small radio-active cube in a mission to kill BAD DINO
Submitted by mokarrom — 14 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Bitness (is the game 1bit?)#274.1184.118
Use of Theme(s) (does the game have reflections, radioactivity, and/or dragons?)#372.7062.706

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Love the intro page. Fun to start but gets boring a little quick. Controls seem a little "sluggish" maybe?


Thanks for your support but i think it maybe happening  because of html5 .. I am not sure but when i am running the game it looks like acting fast enough...Well i will try to improve[Upgrade] the Controlling issue ...Thanks a lot


The blurriness on the turn animation introduces shades between black and red; not a true 1-bit. Level design and art was competent otherwise.

The music was fine; could have used some sound effects but hey, it got done! Let me know if you tinker with it. I love these kinds of games.


Thanks a lot..and yeah the blurriness is a problem but i am new in Pixel animation so i just rotated that thing and took a pic...and as the result i got that unwanted blur:( ....thanks a lot and yep i am planning to do something with our Piksi character....


Fun game that, with some extra work and polish, could be very addicting. The jump animation wasn't the greatest but it wasn't that bad


Thanks a lot ... the jump animation was a problem , that's true

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved the art style. Your game is one of those games that is very simple, addictive, and fun. I also loved the intuitiveness of your game. You made Red and Black go surprisingly well together. The movement did feel a bit unresponsive and glitchy. The game would be better if their was some type of scene transitions (Like a screen wipe or something) . Over all good job, and keep it up!

EDIT: How does your game relate to the theme?


Thanks for playing my game...and also thanks for those advice i really need some.....well, Piksi is a RADIO-ACTIVE cube and the main goal is to reach[kill] the DINOSAUR .... :)


Okay it was a bit hard to figure it out that  Piksi was a raido-active  cube.

Developer (1 edit)

That's an undeniable thing :D Even i got confused for the first time i exported it!


I like the game, a little suggestion would be dont use an animation to rotate the sprite and try to search pixel perfect on google :D


Thanks a lot....i will keep that in mind...


Not really anything to critique given it's a 3 day game. Some more artwork would make things look a bit interesting but yeah, can't fault that given the time constraints. Game was fun to play and made me keep wanting to have one more go to try and beat my last go. Good effort.


I had a plan to  do some trick with the tiles[Black floor] but it looks less "bit" to me...Thanks for trying my game out...