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you are a dragon and you need to finish your tax return quickly
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A one-page dungeon crawl!
Role Playing
Print n Play (Roll n Write) about fighting kaijus with giant mechas!
Rollable table with prophecies for YOUR table.
Interactive Fiction
Is it magic or magic? The October 2022 expansion!
Card Game
Print-n-play for two players about exploring an alien infested space station!
Compete against your friends to see who can be the best bounty hunter of the Shoegazer crew!
Resource managers competitive game for 2 ou 3 players. Each player controls a dinosaur themed park!
A Beak, Feather, and Bone Hack
Role Playing
A tabletop game about following your dreams, despite being a rat
Role Playing
Digital demo for my 18 card ping pong game Pim Pam funded on Kickstarter!
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Portable print and play 2 cards roguelike
Solo worker-placement / roll & write hybrid-mess of antozorrids digging horrifying colonies in the mountains.
OxenFree BoardGame - Game Design
The Solar System is an educational board game that aims to make our Solar System known through play.
OxenFree en Jeu de société - Game Design
Classic trick taking microgame
Prove a sustainable lifestyle is possible with your friends in this print and play game!
Card Game
printable Mario party 64 inspired board game
Des jeunes sur une île hantée, des voix étranges à la radio : “Est-ce. Possible. Partir ?”
A floor plans collection in a 13-pages PDF document - For Tabletop RPGs
Role Playing
A MOD for tradicional UNO game, to help you to keep the game more and more enjoyable
A group of penguins have fallen in love, but now they must fight to be the most attractive partner.
Card Game now on YouTube!