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Cinderella Phenomenon is a free otome game that was inspired by various popular fairy tales.
All's fair in love, war, and MMOs. An otome game.
A free visual novel / otome game
Genjitsukai is KagiProjects entry for NaNoRenO2017
Will you go back to what you can remember or go back to what you forgot?
A purehearted magical adventure with laughs and tears!
A pure romance story about purifying spirits.
Idiot's Guide to Renpy (made by an idiot herself)
A very special delivery just for you!
A twisty visual novel remix of a classic tale
Long fantasy otome VN about dating cute guys, plus monster girls.
A GxB VN about liking bad men and making bad choices.
Customize an otome game from scratch
A visual novel about suspense, romance and friendship !
An otome game... about falling out love?!
Play in browser
Lights, camera, romance!
An otome game about magical girls
A short story of a lady in love with her butler...
It's time to start a new life.
An otome game/visual novel with three and possibly more routes who all have their own secrets.
miss Cian gets a chance to change her life, and then it all goes to hell.
Romanceable non-human boys await!