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One-Button Local-Multiplayer
Short narrative game based on a Civil War short story
A minimalist commentary on the dangers of overseas deployment.
Take control of a sentient AI through a Unix operating system as you discover this AI's identity and past.
Killbox is an online game that critically explores the nature of drone warfare, its complexities and consequences.
interactive story
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Interactive Reflection; a music video(game).
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Help Blue and Red negotiate terms of a nonsensical peace treaty while pacifying their trigger-happy troops.
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Command a War Fort!
You're a nervous little scamp, waiting for her at Seaview pier.
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The destiny of human kind is bound to only one button. And you control that button.
A clicker about War
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What happens when four terrible wizards find magic runes?
Made for the LDJAM 41, a try on mixing cute life-simulators like Animal Crossing with war games.
A mother and her children have gone in hiding after certain events.
A father and his daughter flee the raging war
Explore life as a child soldier in Sierra Leone.
Control a mortar team and keep the enemy at bay.
Time: 0.3ms after the Big Bang. Evolve or die.
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Win the love of your life in this splitscreen pvp game
Help an arrow to contact people.
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Interactive Strange Art
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Eternal war between humans and zombies, take lead of your favourite race!
Breakout style indie game!
#War #Command #Watch
Made From Game maker. this game is for hobby purposes dont expect much :P
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