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A first-person psychological horror game designed to explore the boundaries of perfection and self-reflection.
Laranjo is an indie horror game produced by only two people in 2 months, working on it every day.
Navigate the webs of the past
Created by Dan Sanderson
Psychological horror with a dark twist
An Exploration Through A Dream Journal
An arcade game about the dilemma of choosing the least worse option to beat the score
unlisted late night broadcast
Come and stay awhile!
A virtual museum of identity and self reflection
With your drill, pierce your way to reach the surface!
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Good morning! Get ready for work or school in this local 4-player coop game!
A sample project for the flickering light script
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Make maple syrup in an atmospheric experience in Quebec's cold.
Cook omelettes, drink, smoke, talk, fight and MECH BATTLES!
Craft the right potion to restore your girlfriend's face back to normal!
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A relaxing 'endless runner' atop a Möbius strip.
Unser Beitrag zum BeansJam Mobile 2018
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A horror game experiencing the troubles of an 8 year old girl alone in a haunted house
First Person Blind Game for "Make Something Horrible" Jam
Video game about drug dependence.
Shared House is a short SteamVR game intended to convey the concept of home to the player.
Ein Spiel, das im Zuge des BeansJams im Oktober 2018 entstanden ist. #beansjam
Meditative Garden Tending
Create your own voxel art now!
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