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Scale the tower, avoid patrol bots and reach the rooftop with as many gems as you can find!
Procedurally-plotted futuristic roguelike homoerotic dating sim.
A narrative roguelike about bars and friendship
A Reverse Roguelike. A victorious hero climbs out of a dungeon, losing his abilities as he does so.
All my itch.io games at a special price! I'm comming back to Game Dev and I want to see if I still have any traction!
Face Your Madness
Seven Day Roguelike 2016
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Synthesizer: The world's first synthesizer roguelike!
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The space roguelike series that started it all continues!
Can you invite 200 classmates and host the party of a lifetime? #LD38
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A cute roguelike where you play as a small creature in a strange world.
Turn based digdug-like
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Horror-Suspense indie game.
A Sci-Fi Procedurally Generated Roguelike
A pack of experimental games.
Super-W-Hack is a roguelike game with retro aesthetics as a tribute to roguelike genre.
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A rogue-lite of deception and stealth.
A conversation-based roguelike for 7DRL 2017.
Sector 2F is full of waste. The garbage-man must collect it all!
Design Levels For The Space Adventure Roguelike!
a 7-day-roguelike
Simple and sweet roguelike
You've mutated yourself to shoot lasers out your face. Sneak into the lab and try to reverse it!
Instead of caring for cute kitties, you need to care of ferocious goblins!
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Race to the end while keeping to the beat, hurting others and staying alive!
Side-view action roguelike(like).
7DRL 2016 Entry
A hammer a day keeps the slimes away!
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