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A journey into a strange and dreamlike world
a VR game by Shannon Galvin
Choleric Vision - Stay Calm
In a distant future on uninhabited Earth semi-digitized humans fight for processing power distributed by central server.
a strange vr experience
Mis-representation of mental illness in video games
A visual sound experience
VRJam beauty and the beast
A story-driven VR game set on an alien planet where you must assist the natives to gain their trust and help you escape.
Don't waste time and don't look back. [SCHRIIIIIEK]
a full re-creation of Serenity in VR
Space is awesome.
Jet and fly at ridiculous speeds in VR
A rad neon VaporWave Reef
Live in your music with this VR music visualizer.
Survival horror VR experience based on a real location
A VR tech demo and vaporwave art experience directed by Mercurius FM.
Play with puppets and create GIFs. Created using Tiltbrush.
Fight lung cancer cells inside a patient's body!
A game about exploring a vast, ever changing fractal space.
Thesis project breaking the bad stigma behind ecapism with fantasy
Explore the basement of Nugent Hall at RPI and listen to music made inside its walls.
Play in browser
Fully immersive VR experience with multiple layers of interaction
A new approach to gesture interactions in VR!
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