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Explore a tiny monster town in VR
Don't waste time and don't look back. [SCHRIIIIIEK]
Explore a mysterious, procedural moonscape. (Vive only!)
Grow as many plants as you want on your own private balcony.
A rad neon VaporWave Reef
A Weeping Angels inspired horror game for SteamVR
A visual sound experience
VRJam beauty and the beast
Shared House is a short SteamVR game intended to convey the concept of home to the player.
Virtual Reality, Horror
Boogie with a friend in VR
a full re-creation of Serenity in VR
A VR world painting experience inspired by the short film Shelter.
HTC Vive Arcade God Game
Jet and fly at ridiculous speeds in VR
Live in your music with this VR music visualizer.
A Casual Virtual Reality Arcade game
The best game to get very high level visual skills.
Play with puppets and create GIFs. Created using Tiltbrush.
Put things on your head & decide if they are hats!
A VR tech demo and vaporwave art experience directed by Mercurius FM.
Social Virtual Reality Through Hybrid Spaces
Play with your stacks of gold pillaged from early access wealth.
A game that aims at keeping alive the memory of one of the most tragic events in recent Italian history.
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