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The legendary asset bundle is back once again!
A bundled package of all of Kiira's free 3D resources.
Texture Pack + Editor
68 noise textures (some merged) used for vfx.
2D Texture s for caves and other games can provide more textures if asked
181 panoramas and textures in 16MPx resolution!
​Lightweight and easy to use substance materials
2D Texture for a medieval or scifi theme
Dynamic Space Background is a Hiqh - Quality space background tileset with Parallax effect, tiled in all 4 - sides.
Five high-res, tileable Sci-Fi textures.
A PBR cardboard box that was painstakingly crafted over many days
Creating destructible rectangle Box2D physics objects for your games.
Cute cat themed voltron pattern to use for a background or icon!
Low poly axe model with hand drawn style texture
Creating textured terrains for physics games.
Watermelon textures and sprites
Brushes! Free! For! You!
Animated ocean texture sequences, that loops and tiles perfectly.
A Wide Variety of Weapon Models from the 9A91 To X95
9 high resolution equirectangular space backrounds
A free to use sprite of a tree.
Collection of 44 new True Color Bitmap (24 Bit), for texture mapping or tile background
A set of 70+ seamless textures.
Good for creating a dither pattern or adding texture
Free material - floral tiles
Are your character's ankles getting sore from all those hardwood floors?
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