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★ Limitless Creativity Megapack ★

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Welcome to the sea
of creative elements! ;)

Great content from great creators.

A massive collection of 
high-quality, game-ready content 
that AI won't create for you.

Are you a game developer?
Are you a video creator?
Need backgrounds or sprites?
Would you like to boost your games?
Looking for sound effects or music?
Slow-paced or fast-paced?
Dynamic or balanced?
Massive quantity at a low cost?
An excellent, high-quality offer?
. . .
Would you like to
unleash your creativity?

You're in the right place!

Here comes your personal roadmap...

Music, Loop, SFX
(Sci-fi, Space, Futuristic, Foley, and more ... )

Sprite, Background, Graphics
(Top-Down, Space, Tower Defense, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Abstract,
Isometric, Weapon, Card, Board, GUI, Repeat BG, and more ... )

Intersonic Sound
Music, Loop
(Slow & Fast & Unique Soundscapes:
Cyber, Fantasy, Dark, Metal,
Futuristic, Boss, Battle, and more ... )

Jake Bradford-Sharp
Music, Loop
(Special Musical Blends: Orchestral, Electro, Cyber,
Dark, Swing, Jazz, Pop, and more ... )

Music, Loop
(Diverse Musical Themes:
Dramatic, Horror, Synthwave, Cyberpunk,

8 bit, 16 bit, and more ... )

Bit By Bit Sound
Music, Loop
(Your Best Childhood Dreams & Memories:
Adventure, Fantasy, Battle, 8 bit, 16 bit, and more ... )

More than $500 in total value for $40.
Over 50 outstanding packs from 5 great creators.
All of this for 6 months, and yeah...
 92% OFF!

By mutual agreement, we have decided to set the final price at $40 instead of the originally planned $50, providing you with an additional discount.

Hundreds of music tracks and loops,
thousands of sound effects and graphical elements
bundled together.

Over 50 packs for the price of 2-3!?

E N J O Y !

Includes the following items:

At $40.00 or above

Would you like to build your own spaceship?
Do you like action games? Here are some Xtreme Crosshairs for you on a low price!
Let's build Your Own World, Now! With this Huge Asset Package you can do it.
Do you like these textures? Go for it ;) ALL XY-Repeat without glitches!
Let's discover the mysterious sounds of Outer Space!
Harder Better Faster Stronger edition of the 300+ Nintendo SFX!
Abstract Buildings, Different Size, Hundreds of Colors, and Unusual Shapes...
This is the perfect time to plan your menu with these items!
Do you want a lot of weapon variations in your game for low price? This is your package!
19 tracks of 8 Bit Royalty Free Music!
In need of some cool X and Y Repeat PNG Backgrounds? Time to get it!
If you want a Space & Top-Down Strategy Package that contains everything, here's the best solution!
Do you want a complete set of SFX in your game? Here's a very good solution!
Do you want some modular items in your tower defense / strategy game?
Want to make a game like Age of Empires or Stronghold and do you need for some SFX? Let's get it!
Tanks, Turrets, Buildings, Ships, Towers? No problem! You can combine them as you want!
15 Towers & 25+ Turrets! Combine them as you want!
Sweet Avatar Memories: My own version of the Avatar Movie Samson Airplane.
Need some powerful weapons & a lot of variations of it? You are in the right place!
Do you want some abstract backgrounds or textures in your game? Perfect solution!
Let's continue this cool & futuristic stuff!
Here comes the newest package! Some serious & powerful army stuff!
Let's make a cool FPS Game! You are empowered to do this now! :)
Do you want to build your own Healthbars? Just do it!
A Big Bunch of very stylish spaceships! Don't miss this pack!
I made this spaceship from an underwater car.
Do you like french card games or poker? Here is a very good pack for you with 3 different styles. Enjoy!
Yeah, You are right! It's inspired by that movie! ;)
6 looped music tracks with many variants designed for horror&scifi games
Elves, one of the parts of the Dark Fantasy Music line, brings you the Elven lands with its unique orchestration.
85 unique music tracks: Hybrid, Metal, EDM, Dystopian, Ambient
17 tracks of action and ambient music
Customize a dark fantasy boss battle that is entirely modular and consists of 88 separate files.
18 authentic chiptune songs for Fantasy games + 4 free bonus tunes!
Fully menacing, next generation, good cyber metal music.
We expressed the rage they stole from you with 20 different songs.
Booster Package for Game Developers (useful 2D massive assets package)
Cyber Platformer Action'is a high-quality pack of 10 intense rock/electronic hybrid music tracks
22 Royalty Free tunes for Action or Battle scenes in your pixel art game!
Do you need some isometric high-tech space stuff at a low price?
Are you looking 4 freakin' good fast dynamic D&B music in your game? No problem!
Do you need a lot of interesting SFX in your game? You definitely won't regret it! Low price & High Quality!
If you want some relaxing oldschool style short loops you are in the right place.
Short, Smooth & Stylish SFX in any kind of game! Consider it! ;)
A high-quality pack of 10 climactic pop/orchestral hybrid music tracks + loops!
Do you wanna be cyberpunk? Here's your chance. Excellent trap style seamless audio loop pack!
First Foley SFX PACK. Real record, real quality, low price! ;)
10 tracks of jazz-infused electronic music with a focus on the dark & obscure
Various loops for different gaming levels and moods, all in the EDM style. Let's go to the next level!
11 high-quality electro swing tracks, perfect for experimental, exciting, and euphoric games!