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Free 3D Game Asset Pack for Non-Commercial Use.
Over 500 Free Audio Files!
Game Ready PBR Tavern Interior Props
Download 65 free character rigs and use them in your projects
20 pixel art background for parallax
Made for modern game engines. Free to use for any purpose!
A camera setup and custom shader to emulate GameBoy visuals in Unity
A set of 70+ Icons & UI pieces in 3 Hand Drawn styles
rigged squid ragdoll for Unity
A set of high definition modular forest sprites for your game.
11 fantasy trees and plants for Unity
A low poly pack - 42 Assets of Rocks, Tree, Grass and one Snowmen.
A pack of 38 unique and high quality stylized low poly trees.
With this little script you can stream music on your game.
Free 3D Game Assets for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
Plants & Pots - Unity + Blender Source Files!
Royalty Free Dice Asset Pack Collection for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use
A low-poly, fantasy asset pack to kick-start that adventure game you've been dreaming about
3D art and shaders made for a gamejam.
Royalty Free Game Asset Pack for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
Project template to make farming RPG games.
A small C# script for simulating typing text in real time. Great for in game text and dialogue.
Royalty Free RPG Game Asset Pack Items for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
Create 2D procedural levels in Unity without coding!
Pixel art style particle systems for Unity 3D
Assets you can use in your own games, made by members of Buffalo Game Space!
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