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Allows you to interact with anything you want!
Over 40 nodes for your stats!
The Turret Kit allows you to have Plug N' Play AI turrets to react to the environment and players.
Achievements + Encyclopedia in one!
System for making world maps, local area maps, waypoints and a compass similar to western RPGs using UE4s blueprints.
SGS Modular Beach Pack - Is a perfect modular pack for creation of beach.
Blueprint powered, modular, multiplayer survival game template for Unreal Engine 4.
UniWeapon features a playable FPS/TPS/TD Character which has a pre-set weapons.
The UE4 Spline Actor Toolkit
The notification kit allows you to send out any notification to the players.
A versatile and highly configurable kit to make explosions of all sorts in Unreal Engine 4.
A fire propagation system created entirely in Blueprint.
A procedural staircase blueprint which lets you create detailed, highly customisable linear staircases in seconds.
A highly flexible procedural ladder generator including several sets of high-quality ladder meshes.
A highly flexible procedural handrail blueprint. Drag out customisable handrails to fit any space!
An easy to integrate xp and level up solution for UE4 developers
With this component you can listen to your songs by radio stations in any vehicle you want.