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Platform physics in 3 lines of code
A GameMaker: Studio project file/source code for creating your own Dizzy style Speccy adventure games
A pixel art environment tileset containing 7 different themes.
Textured, Rigged and ready to be used in awesome games!
A fully animated character sprite for 2d games ready to use
Create a Top Down Zombie Shooter from scratch using GML in GameMaker
This is a fully nimated character sprite for your game
Bring that GameBoy charm to any project!
GUI and easing extension for GameMaker!
a cool looking asset for your side scroller game.
Get a head start on your next adventure!
texture/tileset pack to get you rolling!
Code and explanation. Import directly into your project, or follow the simple instructions
Everybody knows that ninjas love cake!
Easily calculate a rolling average from a series or stream of numbers in GameMaker Studio!
Fixing the draw_sprite_pos function with a shader and one script.
LUT shader is allowing you to use RGB lookup tables for color correction.
Free assets for commercial and personal use
Unified API for mouselock on desktop and HTML5 for GameMaker.
Creating destructible rectangle Box2D physics objects for your games.
Creating destructible circle Box2D physics objects for your games.
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