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An assets pack for game development.
Some tilesets I made for Ludum Dare 42 that are going to waste.
A pixel font you can use for your low resolution games!
16x16 2D tileset for platformer game
Status ailment icons for use in RPG style games
A pixel art tileset inspired by SNES RPG classics
16x16 Gothic cathedral tileset.
25 background line arts. No colors, just black lines.
10 low polygon food to use at fast food restaurant
An orchestral music kit, perfect for joyful, colourful and light-hearted games
Add variables to the instance_create() function with this free script!
Create one sprite, have unlimited possibilities!
Advance Stair Movement Simulator
An add-on engine for GameMaker Studio 2 containing the classic board game Battle Ship
A small pixel font.
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