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game assets pixel edition

280 stunning item icons measuring 250x250 in size, featuring beautifully hand-drawn weapons.
80 different 32x32 pixel icons featuring gaming consoles, controllers, discs and cartridges.
Assets for Basic Ren'Py Tutorial
5 handmade Smoke VFX
Make your project more Flashy!
20 Smears and 5 Thrust pixel art animations!
Make your paladins shine brighter!!
5 Handmade effect animation for Halloween!!
Fully animated character with 16 unique animations
Handmade Thunder projectiles!!
A Wind Breath, Wind projectile and Hit Effect animation!
3 handmade animation, A burst, a pull in and wind explosion!
2 handmade explosion type effect
2 handmade Water spells with more than 30 frames
2 Handmade pixel art water effect!
A variety of styles and colours of egg graphics for your project!
Lots of gem icons for your RPG, puzzle game, UI or whatever!
Potions and bottles of many colours, with and without labels.
animated charecter for a sidescroll/platformer games.
Free pixel art scarecrow
Overworld characters Asset Tester
Play in browser
Attrs and element icons for free
Pixel art Idle animated NPC characters free asset
Free Street Animal Pixel Art for your game projects
Pixel Top Down Character With Bow
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