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Musica Comercial

a collection by carlosalf1997 · last updated 2024-05-22 17:24:31
6 tracks of music for horror games
Chillhop with futuristic vibes. Give your project a calm and modern vibe with these tracks.
This is a usable BGM that includes two orchestral and piano songs.
Includes 10 Ambient, 10 Action & 10 Ambiences, +Loops of Everything
Serious and dark cave and forest music
Enjoy some sample tracks from my fantasy rpg music packs, absolutely free!
Melancholy and otherworldly music
3 Ambient Magic/Fairy Soundtracks
Viking Soundtrack Asset Pack for free. 3 Soundtracks (Combat, Ambience and Main)
music I made with the Beep Box;
12+ Free High Quality Orchestral Soundtracks
Over 40 minutes of music for your games!
Rock like Japanese-style orchestra
Rock like Japanese-style dubstep techno
music I made with the Beep Box;
Free seamlessly loopable hybrid orchestral music for your games or anything else.
Free Music Asset Pack (synthwave, retro game music)
music I made with the Beep Box;
FREE Music Loop Pack for Game Jam and Prototype
Free music collection for game projects
Boss battle and final battle music for parting from despair
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