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Human shaders for Unity
Tech Discussion
I made this pack to aid my upcoming characters for Unity where I will be making the most out of these shaders not only for assets I make for games but also any...
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Upgrade BackToStreetOfRage To 1.20Version
Tech Discussion
Optimize the Combo System In 1.20Version, There were some minor issues that fixed that when the character was attacking, it could still be flipped.
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Movement & Slow-motion
Tech Discussion
V 1.0.2 Hi everyone! As a few people have been asking for this, I'm proud to announce slow-motion is now part of the engine! WHAT DO YOU EXACTLY MEAN BY SLOW MO...
Feedback please!
Tech Discussion
So far I've had a lot of people look at and/or the Free version of the 16 bit school asset pack which is great but I don't know how well it works for RPG Maker...
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