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Games that are unearthly and bizarre in theme, aesthetic or story.

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☆ a persona 5 fancomic that explores the headcanon that yusuke has epilepsy ☆
The story of a very dubious field of science and the people engulfed by it.
Goodbye! Goodbye to you, goodbye!
35 Pages, all superhero.
Short, surreal adult comic
a decadent, grotesque mini-comic inspired by Suehiro Maruo's manga,『少女椿』
A series inspired by David Lynch's works.
Surreal exploration of depression, stress and coping.
A series of vignettes about someone who's done everything there is to do.
Compassionless, how it should be.
A short surreal story about a farewell
More comic, way more.
A Surreal Comedy/Fantasy Comic Book that you can't wait to fall in love with.
A comic from another world, made from stolen things.
A couple of short "rotoscoped" comics.
A short autobiographic comic about sleeping.
The experiments in color, symmetry and uber-reality.
Small & cute collage zine
A comic about a cat who lives in a box.