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Celebrate spring with a trio of game jams

Spring has sprung, so let’s do one of our semi-frequent jam roundups! This time we’re ready to fill your next month to the brim with a trio of weird and wonderful jams that offer everything from fame and prizes to integrating a ridiculous design document into your work. Jams are strange. Jams are awesome. Check them out below or dive into all of the upcoming game jams.

Spring 2019 #ue4Jam

Sure game jams are fun, but what if there were prizes on the line? What if you could find fame and glory alongside spending a few days having fun? Enter: the UE4Jam. Brought to you by the people who make Unreal Engine, UE4Jam gives developers 5 days to make a game in the engine and win anything from assets to an entire new pc. This isn’t to say this will be easy. UE4Jam already has over 200 entrants signed up to participate in next week’s festivities.

Want in on the fun? The UE4Jam starts in just 7 days.

Breathtaking: “Redesign your logo”

If there’s one thing I love it’s mega-corporations with no self awareness getting fleeced for millions of dollars. Evidently the host of Breathtaking shares my enthusiasm as they’ve set up a jam around the farce that was the 2008 Pepsi logo redesign.

For some backstory: the design document for Pepsi’s (otherwise bland) logo redesign surfaced after the wake of its public unveiling and became immediate fuel for ridicule. The entire doc is linked on the jam page, but please understand that it features gems like how electromagnetic fields influenced the logo, the gravitational pull of Pepsi, and how the logo is the descendent of the Mona Lisa.

I’m genuinely optimistic about the results of the Breathtaking jam and hope that everyone reading this will take the time to make something bonkers.

7 Day Broughlike

Michael Brough is one of my favorite developers, but if I’m being honest with myself I can recognize that his name is not one thrown around at a dinner table. Fortunately for those of us holding a torch for Brough and his particular design sensibilities there is a jam just for us: the 7 Day Broughlike jam.

For one week in June jammers will take insights gleaned from the man himself to inspire them to create. This means that the theme and requirements are fairly broad so I’m hopeful that we’ll see a bunch of interesting entries that ask a lot of me as a player.

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