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Learn more about your favorite games with devlogs

Want to live on the cutting edge of gaming? Need to keep up to date on the development of your favorite games? You should check out the devlogs section of the site!

For developers, devlogs are the best way to communicate major updates, changes, or peeks behind the curtain. By showing the human side of games development you can expand your community, and highlight what makes your game so special to the wider world. If you’re feeling creative you can get even wilder with it and post anything related to your game that you want. I’ve seen post mortems, giveaways, new game announcements, and more. Anything is possible!

But why would you want to read devlogs as a customer? Gamemaking is a process that has been largely anonymized over its history, with many of the developers’ fingerprints smoothed over until a polished product remains. Devlogs are one way to push back against this process and recognize the humanity in development. By seeing the people behind your favorite games, the art of gamemaking becomes just a little less obscure. If all that isn’t your cup of tea, you can also learn about patch notes and upcoming discounts, so that’s good.

Now, where can you find this marvelous playground of developer interaction? The easiest way is right at the top of the browser! Click the “devlogs” link and you’ll be taken to a page of all devlogs on the site sorted chronologically. Only want a certain developer’s posts? Follow the developer and you’ll be notified when they write something! You can even go into the past and read all of the devlogs attached to a certain game on its gamepage.

In my time sorting through devlogs while writing this I ended up finding a lot of great stuff I’d otherwise miss. I know there are already a ton of ways to find new games on the site, but the devlog section gives a little more context to why some of these projects are as great as they are.

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