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Games of the Week: Sludge, Stickers, and Seals

Looking for something to play? Need something to do inside while you hide from the heat? Well check out 3 of our favorite new games to help keep things fresh!

Sludge Life 2

You may remember Terri Vellman's sludgepunk open world graffiti adventure Sludge Life, but did you know there's an even bigger even better sequel? That's right Sludge Punk 2 takes everything you loved about the first game (weirdo characters, stylish art, and a killer soundtrack) and expands on it. You want weirdo characters? There are more. The art? Even more refined. The Soundtrack? Oh you know it's just as good as ever.

If you've missed Sludge Life then let me get you up to speed: You're a wiggly weirdo who loves to climb on things to meet people. If this sounds vaguely like playing on the jungle gym as a kid then you're on the right track. Most of your obstacles here are getting up and around through these wide areas that feel more designed than like a lived in place. It's a really weird and cool setup that makes getting to each tagging spot and character a fun little challenge. To keep things going there are a ton of sidequests and collectibles quietly cajoling you into exploring more and more of this vibes-based universe.

Sticky Business

In this beautiful world of late-stage capitalism everyone has to have a side hustle. So why not make the side hustle cozy in Sticky Business? In this chilled out business simulator you're making and selling a variety of stickers through the mail. If that's not enough you're also learning more and more about the lives of your customers as they place bigger and bigger orders. If that's not enough, there's an in depth sticker maker in here.

That may seem like a lot, but the real key here is just how good the vibes are. From the soundtrack, to the color palette, to the cute lives your customers lead: everything in Sticky Business feels like a warm hug. If you need any kind of pick me up, this one is right here for you.

Rhythm Hell

Sometimes you don't want complicated games about the perils of learning and changing. Sometimes you just want to be a clapping seal at the polyrhythmic circus. Well if you're fans of Louie Zong's music and goofy animal drawings, then Rhythm Hell is going to fit you like a glove.

Now when I say this game is simple I mean this game is SIMPLE. You've got one button: clap. You've got one goal: clap. But that doesn't mean that this isn't one of the silliest and most stressful games I played this week. You're a small, goofy seal while a larger more judgmental seal sits next to you. When he claps, you clap, if you mess up he gives you the sassiest look I've seen represented in games.

To make things just a little more complicated, you're asked to recreate increasingly complicated polyrhythms as time goes on. Don't know what that word means? It means you're very quickly clapping along to absolute nonsense holding on for dear life.

Rhythm Hell is great, and free so go get your clap on.

What have you been playing? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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A great list, & also I just wanted to let you know there’s a small typo! I believe Louie Zong’s last name is spelled incorrectly here! :)


You're totally right, thanks for catching that!

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