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Tags Recommends: a Variety of Relaxing Games

If you read last week’s games of the week post you’ll remember that I was frustrated by the lack of November games. Nothing has changed this week I just wanted to remind you in the hopes that if I’m annoying enough one of you, dear readers, will make an autumn-themed experience for me. With that out of the way let’s talk about this week’s games.


When I was an impressionable liberal arts student I heard someone talk about writing poetry in the sand. The idea being that you create art that is inherently ephemeral and that is somehow supposed to benefit both the artist and the viewer. My classmate never made a very compelling argument, but Vector Park explains it better than they ever could with Sandcastles.

Sandcastles is a game in two phases: First you summon castles from a beach’s sandy depths and then the waves come in and wash them away. In my time with the game I never got a sand castle to last longer than 30 seconds and it taught me to value my creations while they existed. It’s hard to see the flaws in something if you only have a moment with it, and that’s where Sandcastles truly shines.  

Love on the Peacock Express

This year’s Yuri Jam was great. There have been a ton of really unique games that have come out of the event but Love on the Peacock Express might be the best one. There aren’t enough games about the romances that take place later in life but Love on the Peacock Express could be the start of a new trend. Technically you’re a private investigator but you’re not taking a train ride to solve crimes, you’re here to fall in love with a gaggle of women several years your senior.

In a genre full of lusty anime women, Love on the Peacock Express is a cute and romantic take on the May-December romance that could get by on novelty alone. Fortunately for all of us, the appeal doesn’t stop there with some really fun writing and memorable characters. Best of all? Love on the Peacock Express is pay what you want.

Chasing Birds

Get your butt off the bench and onto the field. It’s time to step up to the most intense experience gaming has to offer, and by that I mean relaxing and chasing birds as a dog. Chasing Birds was released as a part of the recent Self Care Jam 2 and it’s certainly the most joyful experience I’ve had this week. There’s not any conflict in Chasing Birds, you get to play as a dog (the most innocent animals) and run around the park. That’s it. Sometimes you bark, at one point a ball showed up, but that’s it. Check it out, have a pleasant time and enjoy the rest of your day.

Did we miss anything this week? What have you been playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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my game is also designed to be relaxing and is released a few days ago here :)

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