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Easily create 3D models and 2D sprites
Use 2d tiles to create 3d models!
Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites!
AI art with modern & powerful UI with stable diffusion. Unofficial one-click-installer.
turn your minecraft skin into a vtuber model!
Turn text prompts into images using AI
Pose a human model then save the image for use as a reference for artists.
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2d implementation of the Wave Function Collapse algorithm in JavaScript running on the web
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Texturize your low poly models with Palette Maker!
3D rendering solution for GameMaker
3D model library addon for Godot
Showcase to show your assets with elegancy [Unity]
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A tool to extract animation clips from fbx files and automatically assign them to controllers.
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The Word Cloud of SMS
Easy 3D modelling and printing now on YouTube!