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The Game of Life is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.
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Geo::Math is a program that can be used to assist teachers and learners about Analytical Geometry
Essential Extensions for the Way You Work
For GameMaker programmers.
A visualization tool that helps understand Linear Algebra concepts.
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Software for strange attractors visualization
Visualize math formulas used in shader lighting calculations! Diffuse, specular, fresnel, and more!
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This is a classic mini-game Fifteen Sliding Puzzle.
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polish translation
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Create lo-fi sound effects with math!
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Count with your crank. And learn to use bases!
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Experiment with AGK 2D particles, and sin/cos.
a visualization tool for cross products
Make music using math.
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Plugin for construct 2, that let you read and parse formulas from any string source.
a simple calculator inspired by the commodore64
Programming Language
Learn about and play with Bézier Curves in PICO-8!
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The Most Intuitive Forex Tool
Simplify your calculations with these Quick Global JS Math Functions!
A tool for calculating the diameter, sides, and area of an octagon
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Empower young minds with fun and engaging math exercises on the classic C64
Little App to render Math Formulas
Simplifying your Work-from-Home Life
View the Mandelbrot set, one of the most famous and beautiful fractals in geometry, with a high degree of magnification.
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A program that creates coral visualizations of the Collatz Conjecture
​Customizable visualization of the Collatz conjecture in JavaScript
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​Customizable visualization of the Collatz conjecture in JavaScript.
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Probability calculator for the new loaded dice object in TFT set 4.5
simple linear algebra library for GameMaker Studio 2.3
Calculates time in a speedrun.
A tool for calculating the diameter, sides, and area of a hexagon
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Elevate your math to another exponent.
JS Math Library as Plugin Commands
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