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Visual programming software for beginners that transpiles to C language
A modern version of the famous programming language
Custom programming language Z-Sharp (Z#) I made in my free time.
Do you want to learn or extend your russian verbs? you're in the right place!
Word generator
An easy-to-use system for the game's multiple language support!
Programming language built on javascript
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Language Learning Application
A tool for shifting words around
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Programming Language
A simple interpreted language for creating games
Nermbos is my first (completed) Esoteric Programming Language
GBSL is an open source, free and independent scripting language with simple and easy syntax.
BASIC-like scripting language.
Learn new Language by Reading anything you choose
A two dimensional esoteric programming language, made for "Esoteric Hello World! Jam 2017"
A graphics programming playground
WTFC - minimalistic 8-bit console which uses Brainf*ck as a programming language.
A simple, expandable flashcards program
mobile programming language
Brainfuck but HTML
Language maker
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This is a programming language, similar to assembly.
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Builds alien vocabularies for you
This in-game translate script allows players to seamlessly communicate with each other.
Data Utility - Opacity Overlay
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A simple tool made for all your Unity Translation needs.
Learn the place - learn der die das
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Quick way to get better at typing in Russian
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