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Different layout options for game pages

A topic by tesselode created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 387 Replies: 3
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(+2) is great, and I love how the design customization options strike a good balance of control and simplicity. But it's always bothered me how you have no choice but to have images on the right side and text on the left. Can we please have an option to have the text take up the whole width and have the screenshots inline? I feel like that would look way nicer in a lot of cases.


A few different layouts would be nice, for sure. One layout with a carousel of screenshots on top with a display section below, then text/info below that. Or better yet, a few basic layouts with placement options where you can drag different modules (screenshot, description, buy/download links, etc) to different places on the layout.


there are ways to mess with the layout via css (just gotta ask for it), but yeah not having to delve into code to do some basic layout would be nice

Not having the ability to edit the CSS without asking for it is the real reason I want to have multiple layouts. But it would be nice in general.