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Lust Doll

An adult game set in a post-apocalyptic sci fi/ fantasy open exploration world. · By indivi

Shadow pendant

A topic by KittenGamerYT created Sep 21, 2020 Views: 353 Replies: 7
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I hate asking on here because I've already asked on here a lot but, who can I show the pendant to? 


Sammy, Edith, and Linda. Didn't make many scenes for it before moving on to LD+!

how? I see no option to show it to Sammy or Linda


I think it might not, depending on your kink settings!

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what kinks edit: nevermind I just turned them all on and turned the ones I didn't want off


That's a good way to do it!

LD+ or LDO?

I know something about the shadow pendant in LDO, You can show it to Linda  (after linda's route) and get a very, very funky scene