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I jumped a few times because of loud noises but I think I did pretty good, the jumpscare at the end did get me a tiny bit

talk to her, you can get a quest

oh ok

I’m playing on mobile and the music isn’t working, can you fix this? I’m playing in browser. 

ok thank you, the other person was confusing me

Steven universe reference on the poster! And Hamilton but I haven’t seen it so I don’t care as much

that makes no sense


I just leave old versions of it and let them pile up?

so I install the new version and delete the old one?

if I download the game and it gets an update, how do I update the game without potentially losing my save? I’m making sure so I don’t screw it up

sorry for the late response. I may have remembered it wrong or skipped by too fast and not registered it properly but I think in some parts they use the wrong pronouns, the only one I can think of off the top of head is the part when you get to the cave and they call you a stallion which means male horse, but that could be a bit of a stretch.

is this going to be updated in the future?

alright, I was gonna ask about the other one but I figured it out


that worked thank you

How do I get the secrets in the other planet

nevermind I figured it out

the loading bar doesn't progress

I got stuck very early on, how do I gain the first slave's trust?

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what kinks edit: nevermind I just turned them all on and turned the ones I didn't want off

how? I see no option to show it to Sammy or Linda

how do I put mod in

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Shadow pendant
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I hate asking on here because I've already asked on here a lot but, who can I show the pendant to? 

I just tried every single map in a row and then noticed I might've messed it up and then passed out I was so close to doing something I'm so annoyed I was planning to save Cassie today but now I don't want to ever go back, I'll have to work on buying so many energy drinks I wish I could teleport there but I've never been there

I know I have it that's how I got to the town


I tried all of them and couldn't get anywhere, I did meet a girl in the sand though.

I've tried everything to wake her up, I thought maybe fairy dust would help but that didn't work, I then noticed a chest I didn't see and got a flashlight and thought I could shine it at her but no, am I missing something?

all of them or one of them?

thanks, I was really worried

I was wondering if there was a time limit to saving her because I want to level up my stats.

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Map help

Hello, I'm having problems trying to save Cassie, I bought every map stupidly and don't witch one to use unless I need all of them I also don't know where to start following the maps, I will be grateful for any help.