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Star and Light 1.0

Star and light 1.0 : The Red sacrifice is a puzzle flash game from Africa · By K.hermann

I think you should look into ways to revive this game

A topic by LadySith created Sep 19, 2020 Views: 272 Replies: 6
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I'm a fan of seeing developers from Africa work on games. According to your twitter, you're based in Senegal? Have you considered remaking this game on other platforms?


Wow, doesnt tell me i have comments there for me

Very sorry for having not responding quick

I live in Senegal yes. Of course, i'm doing many thing to remake this game but without funding , its almost impossible

I have already made that full game without any budget on my free time and it was very hard but i cant do a remake free again like that.

So yeah  i even started the remake back in 2015 but stopped cause no money.


I wonder if Indiegogo or Kickstarter could help with that if you can make a trailer. I don't know if they reach Senegal, though.


Kickstarter is not allowed in africa, all those ites i cant use

But mostly you need a strong fanbase to be able to pull it off. Thanks for commenting


If a fan in the US were to start a kickstarter campaign or similar on your behalf, with the stated intention of sending you the money upon completion, would that potentially work?  How much money would it take?


Oh wow, thats a nice gesture already !

But it would take some money to do it and many, probably between 80k and 120k wich i doubt i'll get it with kickstarter

Also i got a new job in an very small animation studio and of course i have to work there (i work with internet with them for now )

Luckily the week ends are off except if we are into rush mode but week ends i can do something else 

So if i do a remake of that game it might take some time to do it but at least the game already was done years ago as you can see here (my first review )

if i redo the game, it will be much easier especially for the story mode so people wont be stuck as him in the video

The gameplay concept is great i think and we can make big things with it (for example a multiplayer mode where two players have to light up most platforms they can without dying much )


The youtube link doesnt work, youtube this : 

Indie Spotted - Star and Light