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Extremely well executed, very atmospheric and unsettling, and doesn't overstay its welcome. One minor quibble. For the first maybe 20-30 minutes, I didn't realize you could run with R1. As the walk speed is painfully slow, this made a huge difference. Might be a good idea to inform players of this somewhere early on (or did I miss it?)

(If anyone else is wondering, there ARE more levels in this version, and they're really hard. It's great!)

Are these the same puzzles as in the version of the game released in Flash, or are some of them different?

Love this game. Brilliant concept, well executed. Great music. Needs a level select screen, though.

Your review has convinced me to give this game a try.

Thanks-- I will check them out!

Just played through, really enjoyed it! Loved the structure-- it seemed confusing and random at first, and became more clear through trial and error-- eventually, started to be able to visualize the shape of it. Really fun experience. Would love to see a more fully-realized game with this kind of map structure.

This comment elevated this game to the top of my queue.

If a fan in the US were to start a kickstarter campaign or similar on your behalf, with the stated intention of sending you the money upon completion, would that potentially work?  How much money would it take?