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Try redownload the game, you should get a new file

star and light 1.0 final WIN EXE .zip 

Get this and try, it should work ! If any problem please tell me

Hello ! 


Its the creator of the game

Sorry about this, yes the game is from early 2011, swf games were popular back in that day but yes flash is dying and i'll upload a new version wich should be playable i hope

Take care (in the mean time, try using firefox or chrome ? if not try the software "SWF Opener" )

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I submit my first ever completed game

And HammerA

Thanks for all of your work !

Awesomeness !

I agree ! I didnt had enought time ! Its not an excuse but i had to choose to go really simple to be able to post in time.

Hello !

I finally finished a 2d game art assets in the theme of sci-fi post apocalyptic theme named JUNK HEAVEN

Its a stage focused on a view with sky, destroyed cars, destroyed traffics objects 

The pack contains also more than 70 animated elements, electric sparkle, smoke, flammes .

You can check it  here

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Thanks a million Amos, i did that by inadvertance then

Now it works well !

I dont remember why but i checked it some time ago^^'


I developped and sold a game here since 3 years i guess

I edited the game several times and now the BUY button is gone

I changed the price to see if it would be back but no

In any case i dont see the BUY button anymore

What should i do ?

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My first big game released , it's from 2012/2013 year and i first released it on 2014 here on

back in the days there wasnt any forums or anything

I take now the opportunity to use it , i hope you wont mind

Link above provide a demo and all , the demo is very simple compared to the full game

Despite being greenlighted on Steam 

I cant sell it cause my african bank is not recognized into their system

So i'm using more my link for Star and Light 1.0

Here is a video of an online Review

As you can see the game is very hard

One day i'll try to work a quick remake dumbed down to make it less hard.

See you guys !

-60 % Xmas promo !

Thanks a lot mrpete

Many told me about dragons lair actually

I was inspired by old mega cd in fact , never played dragons lair

But yeah taping right unlokc more of the anime , i find that super cool

I wanted the game to stay that way but didnt knew people would hated cause its not a platformer

I'll try to add something in the like for the android version i'm trying to make

But it will be like the hidden minigame in the current game , not something HUGE , the anime interactive is short yeah but it was a nightmare to create , really crazy hard even with my 8g memory new computer o_o'

Oh ok thanks

Too bad for the achievements/leaderboards then

But i understand , few people are here buying stuff like steam

At least its great to sell a product steam on


Is there some Api development for achievements and leaderboards ?

Will it be compatible with framework stencylworks ?


Try this

Its the free version with ads and without bonuses package but you can test here

Thanks ! did you played it ?

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Even i'm an guy since years i never knew about the community thing

So here we go

i'm mostly a 2d animator , i'm from Benin and currently living in Senegal

Example of stuff i do

Spirit whale for my next game Malaika princess VR

Facebook Post

My youtube channel

Follow me on :

If lovers !!!! , i'll post more


I'm hermann kayode , a 2d artist from africa

I started creating games back in 2009 , my first real games was star and light 1.0 by 2011

I came here and sold two copies of it back in 2014 (two buyers seemed happy , at least one fo them ), but star and light managed to get into steam

I'm still trying to re-create the game for releasing on steam and try to solve some problems linked with my bank account (since i'm in senegal , i guess they block everything from africa)

I try again to sell on , my new game Hammer Time

Hope i'll sell a bit more this time.


My name is hermann kayode , an african 2d artist from benin living in Senegal

i'm a 2d animator (got a 2d degree in Paris by 2007 )

My official website for those who are afraid

I made Hammer Time ! game and released it for free two months ago on newgrounds.

I re-release it now cause i want to sell it and give more stuff around that game to people who love different stuff

The game was a nightmare to create and i'd like some love for it

Hammer Time is a interactive 2d animation where you tap right to progress inside the whole thing


If you buy it , tell me how it is and how it works , normally you get the game + bonuses

If you have win 10 , i suggest getting swf opener.

I hope you give me a fair chance , i hope you'd like it and share it for the world. (Again , i'm not a crook , if you have any issues , tell me )