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Looking to Make LGBT set of Games!

A topic by Shenn created Aug 25, 2020 Views: 475 Replies: 11
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Chapter [Working Name] is the result after finding little to none LGBTQ+ Dating “Choices” Applications. It’s nearly impossible to find quality LGBT dating sims through IOS and the few that are there have non-con sexual undertones which can be uncomfortable for the player. The Premise behind Chapter is that it is a compilation of Stories, or “Books”, that lead the player through a series of decisions that can alter the state of the story they’re in.

I am currently looking to gather a small team together to work on this in our free time with the intention of releasing a full book and then updating once a week from there. Before we all take on a big role, we’ll make a small “Short” story together over the course of a few weeks to ensure we all work well together. If this goes smoothly, we’ll start working on Chapter & Sort out a budget.

Roles Inside the Project

  • Programmer (Filled, Me)
  • 2d Sprite Artist
  • 2d Background Artist
  • Writer
  • Music Composer 

If any of this would interest you, feel free to message me on Reddit (WorriedStand5), or leave your Discord down below. Cheers!

Hi! I would love to work on this as a writer! My discord is Ace#5118 

Hi! This sounds like a lot of fun, I'm a sprite artist and I'd love to work with you, my discord is riceket#6501

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Hi! I'm interested in participating in this project. I'm an EN>ES Professional Localizer and a Freelance Narrative Writer (currently taking my first steps). Should you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting me! My Discord is AikaruW#0952.

hello. I'm a writer and translator (english to brazilian portuguese). my discord is GalickGun#1844

I've worked for 4 years as a writer in a game not yet released, and I'd love to both help and learn from your project.

As someone who's super into mobile dating sim games like Choices, I'd love to work on a more LGBTQ+ focused one! I'm primarily a sprite artist but have recently started moving into GUI as well! My discord is laney#5146 

Hello! I might be able to help as a character concept / sprite artist. Or as a translator to Spanish.

Would love to know more about the project. Discord is RaspberryBBY#0376

Hi i would love to help out and make music for you, I have experience with making tunes, and would love to help, my discord is beefcake#5081

Hello, if there's still a spot for a sprite artist or if you need help translating to portuguese, my discord is rank26#940

Hi, I'd be interested in joining as music composer! You can check out some of my work at

Discord @omniboss#0245

Hi there!

It looks like this was posted a while ago, but if you're still looking for writers to collaborate with, I'd love to take part. You can find my portfolio here. I'm a freelance narrative designer, writer, and editor, with experience in project management. If you'd like to talk more, my discord is pastelqueenofhell#0642.

Hi ! If your are looking for a sprite artist or background artist I would love to join :)


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