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The game is too hard.

A topic by JoeBro2200 created Jun 12, 2017 Views: 211 Replies: 4
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The game is too hard and it needs to be made easier. I struggle to get past levels 1 and 2. Whenever I get past 3 I think I'm hacking because it's so gosh darned hard. I invested my money in this and I want to make it worth it. So make the game easier so i can freaking just play it like a normal person.


Maybe then can add an "easy mode", but if you just want everything spoon fed to you without any challenge where is the fun in a game then?

look, if you cant get past level 20, i would kinda understand you, but level 3? maybe you should practice more? or as teewoo said, an easy mode for noobs that need to practice (noob is not an offensive word, it describes people who are just a beginner in the game.)



are you playing on a laptop? :P


This is valuable feedback! Is this level 1-2 of Story mode, or Endless Mode?
When you die, what tends to kill you most often?

Tips for beating the mark 1 sword robots reliably: 
Try strafing around them and hitting them with horizontal sword attacks. This is an effective way to get around their sword blocks.

Tips for beating archers:
Strafe out of the way of their arrows and try to attack them when they don't have an arrow nocked.

Upgrades that are very helpful: Block Arrows and Clones! :)