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A member registered Dec 10, 2016

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Get a life

Screw you.

The game is too hard and it needs to be made easier. I struggle to get past levels 1 and 2. Whenever I get past 3 I think I'm hacking because it's so gosh darned hard. I invested my money in this and I want to make it worth it. So make the game easier so i can freaking just play it like a normal person.

I'm a frequent player of this game but I have been losing interest in it because of one thing. Difficulty. Yes, I'm talking about difficulty. I have tried each challenge countless times and tried to beat story mode over and over but I have not succeeded. Because of this I am very frustrated. I have been waiting a long time for difficulty tiers to be added but Doborg has not yet answered my pleads. I hope that the game can be made much easier for players such as myself. I really don't want to have to leave this game behind just because I'm not that good at it because I love the mechanics and I see great potential within it.



Tell me If any of you guys are struggling as I am, and how you think the developers could make the game more flexible for our kind of skill sets.   

I tend to die in every game mode. lol. I would love to complete story mode. I die in EVERY SINGLE GAME MODE. This is a late reply and I got my copy of CDITDZ on steam and the fire challenges are ABSOLUTELY INFURAITING. I really want to get the special upgrades but I probably won't be able to because I am terrible at this game.


Your fan, JoeBro2200

I've been playing this game for a while and I still can't beat story mode. I was wondering if new game modes could be added. Maybe a mode for story that you don't have to restart over and over so I can finally see the ending! I think you should add some difficulties for story mode. If the devs are up for the challenge maybe you guys could add multiplayer!!! I think that would be really great and easy to do because of the game's release on the Steam platform. Tell me what you guys think?