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Game too Hard?!?

A topic by JoeBro2200 created May 22, 2017 Views: 291 Replies: 8
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I'm a frequent player of this game but I have been losing interest in it because of one thing. Difficulty. Yes, I'm talking about difficulty. I have tried each challenge countless times and tried to beat story mode over and over but I have not succeeded. Because of this I am very frustrated. I have been waiting a long time for difficulty tiers to be added but Doborg has not yet answered my pleads. I hope that the game can be made much easier for players such as myself. I really don't want to have to leave this game behind just because I'm not that good at it because I love the mechanics and I see great potential within it.



Tell me If any of you guys are struggling as I am, and how you think the developers could make the game more flexible for our kind of skill sets.   

um what do you mean there aren't any difficulty tiers? have you ever played endless mode? are you using a laptop? git gud?

Ummm... I guess you could play some Endless? Still, isn't story mode like, the easiest mode of them all? Yeah, I think you could train a bit more.

PS No offense meant

PPS Git gud

PPPS The above Post Post Scriptum is a joke

Screw you.

Get a life


You open a thread and ask people of their opinion, when people disagree because this isnt suppose to be an easy peasy game, you insult them?

If you wan't help, then don't get angry just because you think an answer will work or make sense. You made this post to get help, not to scold others for basically no reason. Just sayin'. :p

Hey, maybe you should PRACTICE clone drone instead of telling others to get a life because they want to help you. if you don't want help, don't create a post that asks for help

sorry, the robots destroyed my life. however, according to them, now I will have a better life as a sword robot