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Time Travelling Puzzle Platformer: The Butterfly Effect

A topic by Zebularck created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 243 Replies: 2
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If you have a half hour to kill, or you just like puzzle platformers, try out The Butterfly Effect:

You use past versions of yourself to navigate, if you move 4 feet then jump, then the past you would move 4 feet then jump. Stopping in mid-air would let you build platforms out of yourself, and then jump across gaps.

First impression: It would be more convenient if I didn't need to install it. Is there a way to run this game without an installer?

A simple but interesting premise. The core mechanic of stopping in mid-air to form platforms is new to me, and you use it well. The different colours for each instance of yourself make it clear what is going on. The movement feels responsive and fast, but your past selves are very thin platforms and it's easy to accidentally walk off them. The jump arc is a bit odd, until I was used to it I couldn't jump with any precision.

I liked how the game always gave me one or two more time-travels than was strictly necessary to solve the puzzle. It made it possible to recover from mistakes without starting the level over. That's good puzzle design, well done.

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I used Microsoft Visual C# Studio 2010 (XNA)...and that is the only way that I know of that I can publish a game. Installer is the only way I know of.

I'll have to fatten up the player you control to, but I'll look into making them wider to make them easier to platform on.

Thank you for playing my game and giving me this feedback!