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I'm sorry that I keep finding bugs. I enjoy this game a lot and start it up every other day for a quick game. It's fun!

I got into a very weird state today when I played a Combust against a Hunter who had one card left. It turned out to be a Riposte, which played a Rest and ended my turn... but I'd already won, and the Victory message came up. After that I could play cards but didn't seem to deal any damage, and on the enemy's turn they didn't do anything.

Bug report: using Rest in the first battle, with 4 cards in hand and 5 in the discard, does something strange. I didn't draw a card from Rest but the other cards arrange themselves around the empty space anyway.

I don't think so. To be honest I just built a very bloated deck with every card that seemed good, and won after about ten consecutive losses. Stamina Potion into Lightning Bolt won me the final battle.

Next time I might try rejecting most cards and building a very narrow deck aimed at a specific strategy. Dark Pact and Transmute is a promising combo.

In the game after this, I used Possess against a Mind Flayer who had two cards, played their Possess, then played their last card: Mind Swap.


I won in version 2.0.0! But the game crashed with this message. I hope it's useful to you.

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_game_manager:

script_execute argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGR)############################################################################################
gml_Script_scr_game_victory (line 2)
gml_Script_state_execute (line 2)
gml_Object_obj_game_manager_Step_0 (line 2)

I was! I've tried the new version now, and it's very different.
There's a lot more content, and there's more archetypes possible - which the new enemies show off too. Looks like there's several funny two-card combos that deal lots of damage, though I haven't gotten any of them to work reliably yet.

Yaga killed me on her first turn with a mix of Corrupted Aether and Mana Blast and Full Moon :(

Being able to decline the cards feels like a major change, too. And I like being able to see my deck. There's a lot of new effects that last for several turns. It would be nice to have an indicator of how many more turns effects like Venomous Bite and Life Link will last.

All in all, nice work! It feels like a completely different game now.

Clever and educational! The holes were confusing at first, but it was brilliant when I understtod that they take you to the other side of the surface. If Anne covers one with a box, she can walk across the bottom of that box on the other side.

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This game was a little slow since I kept drawing my Leech and Desecrate cards instead of any actual damage. But leaving Enigma with 2 cards in its deck is its own reward.

Very thought-provoking! It's very clever how the game acknowledges the existence of gay (and eventually poly) relationships, but doesn't quite treat them equally. You have to literally force two men together until the game acknowledges that yes, they're in love. Let alone two women.

It's very adversarial - I feel as if I'm sitting opposite someone well-intentioned but a bit slow, who keeps missing the point, and who insists against all evidence that they're not being homophobic. I'm amazed that you got such personality across within the mechanics of a block-pushing puzzle.

My speedrun time was 10:21. A lovely tribute to Karoshi, thanks for making it.

Creepy! The pink colour scheme is inspired: it gives everything an organic look, like the guts of some enormous sewage monster.

I'm glad the character with the comfy robes is happy with their life. Somebody has to be.

Really clever idea!

I love the mice. The way they smile as they run away with the key. The way they don't return to their original position after stealing it, so that the level gradually gets easier as I deplete the mice. The one (two?) gems they guard where you don't actually need the key, so you can just walk past the mice keyless.

The music is excellent. I like the more and more epic versions that play as (1) I get an upgrade (2) I reach the final area (3) I get the ending. Very nicely done. And it's clever how you fade in and out with slight variations on the song depending on whether I have the key or not.

The final area is lovely and the ending is very satisfying.

(I lost the key to a bug in the red area, but restarted anyway because I was enjoying it and wanted to see where you were going.)

Oh, so there is! I didn't see it at first, it was hidden underneath Itch's (default, inferior :P) fullscreen button.

Nice work! Simple to understand and play, but it feels like managing a space empire. Cool music too.

On the first level I didn't notice there were more worlds off the top of my screen until the AI came to conquer me. Later I found that flying to as many worlds as possible as soon as possible is the way to win - and the AI could never catch up after that. So, really, the tutorial level was the hardest!

The game window is a little too tall for my screen - my tiny laptop is only 738px high, so I had to constantly scroll up to see the resources I had and then down to spend them.

This is the best Italo Calvino fanfiction Twine ever written.

What a neat mechanic! Great work!

Update: I found how to use Mindswap. Wait for the enemy to almost kill me, and then swap hands so I kill them instead. Genius. Enigma never knew what hit them.

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I did! I like the changes a lot, and I still come back to Cantrip every couple of weeks or so.

* The change to Stamina Potion is welcome - I hadn't realised until now just how strong it was. Or perhaps you've made 2AP cards more interesting in general, so Stamina Potion is a good way to get them out against enemies who use Siphon.

* Transmute Shields is still very niche. Powerful in a shield-heavy deck, but often a dead card otherwise - and it appears in the early levels, so I often have to decide whether to take it before I know if I'll have enough shields to make it good.

* Raise The Dead is my favourite earlygame card. It's another use of whatever the strongest card in my deck is! Extremely flexible, and useful in every deck... perhaps a little OP at times, but using it right takes some thought. (Which of my cards would I want to replay, here and now?)

* Desecrate and Leech make "Steal the enemy's cards until all their combos are missing pieces" a viable build. Interesting that Shields Up and Read Mind add cards to the game, but there's no effect that removes cards - stealing the enemy's cards is the only way to disrupt their deck.

* I've noticed that some cards only appear as rewards for later battles, but I'm not sure which. I know they're supposed to be rarer and more powerful - for example, Healing Potion is always better than Read Mind, but Read Mind is available from the start. Could it be clearer when this is happening, so I know I should be excited when a rare/powerful card shows up?

* Revenge From Beyond has a weird effect if the top two cards of the opponent's graveyard are also Revenge From Beyond. I think the game let me play another card before the animations had finished resolving?

* I have no idea how to use Mindswap.

* Shields Up is much better now. 1AP for one card-advantage - it's comparable to Leech, but with shields. It's strong enough to take with no other synergies, but it naturally leads me into a shield-based build  later on. 1 card-advantage for a cost of 1AP makes it a good card to see as my first reward in the game, but the risk of clogging my deck with shields means I can't rely on it forever. Great change.

Finally, let me see if I've understood the basic strategy of this game. The change to starting with a full hand has really driven home how important card-advantage is in the first three battles. For example, Leech replaces itself in my hand while removing one card from my opponent's, and Shields Up and Read Mind both leave me with one more card than I'd had before playing them. None of the starting deck does that (Attack and Combust hurt both sides equally, Rest cycles itself, and Shield isn't playable anyway). Against enemies who start with more cards than me, it's literally impossible to win without a way of creating card-advantage - and usually, the first time that matters is against the first boss.

It's sometimes possible to beat the first boss regardless if it has cards that disadvantage them (particularly Siphon and Stamina Potion), and it uses them incorrectly - reducing such fights to luck and exploiting the AI. For example, when losing against the Necromancer, I'll end my turn with 1AP left, to bait out its Siphon when it doesn't have an effective way of spending the extra AP from Siphon.


All in all, I really like this game, and I like talking about it.

Thanks for the writeup. It's always nice to get this kind of behind-the-scenes from a game creator.

It’s possible to end up with 2 characters who can do nothing but pass their turns. Is that what happened to you?

Almost - I was unable to do anything but pass my turns. The enemy nearly was too; I quit the game before finding out if they were going to draw an attack, since I judged that I wouldn't be able to win even if they did help clear my hand.

Automatically discarding a card when drawing on a full hand does have the benefit that you don't need an extra UI button to trigger it.

Was that also why you didn’t go for shields? Or was it just too convoluted to work with? 

I tried it once -- that's when I got stuck on the hand-full-of-shields, which scared me off trying it again. (Although I didn't get Shield Bash that time, which would have been helpful.)

I'll play again tomorrow and see if I can make it work.

 Perhaps fireblast is a little OP

Reduce it to 2 damage, perhaps? That's 2AP for only one card advantage, but any card advantage at all should be 2AP (or some equivalent cost) and it's very easy to finish enemies off with 3 damage at once.

Ha! Ok, I've beaten the game now, and... I was wrong about a lot of things in my last comment :D

I maintain that Healing Potion, and Fireblast, and indeed most of the 2AP cards are very powerful, if I can hang onto 2AP and the card for long enough to play them. Relying on that means that the most useful card in my deck is probably Rest.

I haven't tried the shield-heavy strategy with Shields Up, Shield Bash, and Transmute Shields yet. It looks like it'll be tricky to get going. Too slow to end the game on turn 2 the way Fireblast does. But it clogs my deck with unplayable Shields so it's not a good slow-game plan either.

I found a completely useless infinite loop where I play the 0-cost card that mimics whatever's on top of their graveyard, and that card in turn draws the top card of my graveyard, which of course is the one I just played. What a convoluted way of doing nothing at all!

... anyway! This game is lovely. A bit of graphical polish and some sound effects are all it needs.


Card advantage is very important in this game, even more than in Hearthstone or Magic, since it's also your health. So it's odd watching early enemies play cards which do very little - Attack costs 1 AP, makes me opponent lose a card, and also makes me lose a card (the Attack itself). I'd often rather not play it and let my opponent come to me.

The Necromancer especially - they'd sometimes play their Siphon card at a time when it did literally nothing. And in doing so, leave themselves with 1 card in hand, letting me kill them on my turn.

This strategy worked pretty well until I fought the more control-oriented Blacksmith, and the fight dragged on until both our hands were completely full... of Shields. Some way to break the stalemate would be nice.

In any case, this is a very neat design, good work! The cards slide around the screen very fluidly, and there's an interesting variety of abilities. The animations feel a bit slow sometimes - they were fine when I'm still learning the game, but once I knew what all the cards did I didn't need as much time to read them. As you can see, the rules are deep enough that it makes me ponder the balance and really think about which abilities are most useful. (2AP to draw 3 cards, you say? Gimme gimme!) And good thinking on _forcing_ me to pick a card during the draft - in Slay the Spire, I always found it hard to know when to turn down a card and keep my deck small. Keeping it a choice of "which of these three cards is best?" makes the decision clearer.

I came close...

An excellent game! It's really interesting figuring out which monsters should be fought for their loot, and which ones should be bypassed.

I love the powerups you can get. The Carrot is particularly elegant - it's a constant trickle of HP even if you don't seek to activate it much, using it efficiently prevents you from looting monsters (since you need to move forward for that), and it lets you toggle the Invisibility Cloak on and off.

The different characters really play differently, and show off how the items can work.

I'd really like to see where else this game can go!

Gorgeous art! The witch is very cute, and the pastel pink style really holds together. This game is a treasure to look at.

It was always nice to see new ingredients, and guess what container they'd be kept in. I liked the later levels with the crystal and the weird orb.

Randomising the ingredients each time is an interesting choice. It kept things unpredictable, and sometimes it was very easy to hit the time limit because the RNG gave me nearby ingredients five times in a row. It works well.

The art is lovely.

I don't know what to say. This game is sweet, and mysterious, and just scary enough to occasionally send a shiver up my spine without frightening me away.  The art is lovely, all pinks and blacks except for the roses. And I love the way it starts out as an everyday spooky flower-monster story, but gradually turns into a (much more harrowing) struggle of friendships strained by illness.

Alex and Marisol are great. You totally deserve each other, you two brilliant disasters.

Very challenging! I can never get much further than "download more ram" - guess I need some typing practice.

Lovely music, and I like the way the character reacts to things on the screen.

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Pointless? I don't think it's pointless. Looking great is a point.

What an excellent game. I like how many different ways there are to finish each level, it's very clever.

I also like the BEST word. Sure, it's not used in any of the puzzles, but sparkles are their own reward!

Je n'arrête pas de mourir sur le premier écran, et je ne comprends pas comment éviter les projectiles. Un peu de temps pour me familiariser avec les commandes sans être attaqué serait le bienvenu. Peut-être l'histoire du début pourrait faire partie du jeu, au lieu d'être donné dans un cut-scene?

First impression: It would be more convenient if I didn't need to install it. Is there a way to run this game without an installer?

A simple but interesting premise. The core mechanic of stopping in mid-air to form platforms is new to me, and you use it well. The different colours for each instance of yourself make it clear what is going on. The movement feels responsive and fast, but your past selves are very thin platforms and it's easy to accidentally walk off them. The jump arc is a bit odd, until I was used to it I couldn't jump with any precision.

I liked how the game always gave me one or two more time-travels than was strictly necessary to solve the puzzle. It made it possible to recover from mistakes without starting the level over. That's good puzzle design, well done.

Very clever use of low-rez sprites. It was fun to guess what an object might be before reading its description. I thought the pants were a pair of goggles at first.

The minimal style stimulates the imagination, forcing us to look at an object and consider what else it could be - which was the point of the story, as well.