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Gorgeous art! The witch is very cute, and the pastel pink style really holds together. This game is a treasure to look at.

It was always nice to see new ingredients, and guess what container they'd be kept in. I liked the later levels with the crystal and the weird orb.

Randomising the ingredients each time is an interesting choice. It kept things unpredictable, and sometimes it was very easy to hit the time limit because the RNG gave me nearby ingredients five times in a row. It works well.

The art is lovely.

I don't know what to say. This game is sweet, and mysterious, and just scary enough to occasionally send a shiver up my spine without frightening me away.  The art is lovely, all pinks and blacks except for the roses. And I love the way it starts out as an everyday spooky flower-monster story, but gradually turns into a (much more harrowing) struggle of friendships strained by illness.

Alex and Marisol are great. You totally deserve each other, you two brilliant disasters.

Very challenging! I can never get much further than "download more ram" - guess I need some typing practice.

Lovely music, and I like the way the character reacts to things on the screen.

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Pointless? I don't think it's pointless. Looking great is a point.

What an excellent game. I like how many different ways there are to finish each level, it's very clever.

I also like the BEST word. Sure, it's not used in any of the puzzles, but sparkles are their own reward!

Je n'arrête pas de mourir sur le premier écran, et je ne comprends pas comment éviter les projectiles. Un peu de temps pour me familiariser avec les commandes sans être attaqué serait le bienvenu. Peut-être l'histoire du début pourrait faire partie du jeu, au lieu d'être donné dans un cut-scene?

First impression: It would be more convenient if I didn't need to install it. Is there a way to run this game without an installer?

A simple but interesting premise. The core mechanic of stopping in mid-air to form platforms is new to me, and you use it well. The different colours for each instance of yourself make it clear what is going on. The movement feels responsive and fast, but your past selves are very thin platforms and it's easy to accidentally walk off them. The jump arc is a bit odd, until I was used to it I couldn't jump with any precision.

I liked how the game always gave me one or two more time-travels than was strictly necessary to solve the puzzle. It made it possible to recover from mistakes without starting the level over. That's good puzzle design, well done.

Very clever use of low-rez sprites. It was fun to guess what an object might be before reading its description. I thought the pants were a pair of goggles at first.

The minimal style stimulates the imagination, forcing us to look at an object and consider what else it could be - which was the point of the story, as well.