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Famed Explorer of the Robot World

Will you find fame as your forge a path across the Robot World, or will your name be forgotten? · By Tales of the Renegade Sector

Mouse and camera options

A topic by schizmo created Jun 08, 2017 Views: 269 Replies: 5
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I would strongly recommend allowing players to toggle the camera x and y axis inversions on and off, the default setting was very non intuitive for me and it made it difficult to play the game since moving the camera is a critical part of the experience. It may also be beneficial to allow the camera to snap into positions at 90 and 45 degree angles across the map


I'll add mouse options to the next build.  I'll try playing around with angle snapping.

My advice: allow switching between camera-mode and aiming-mode.

the 4-directions-of-firing we currently have has a tendency to put us in positions where we need to aim using a majorly obscuring angle,
meaning we can't tell wether we have hit our target or not.


Have you been using the lock-on?  That's the intended main method of aiming.

uh oh as soon as the first level loads the camera moves underneath the level and rotates.. All I can see is a spinning square >.<


Do you have a controller plugged in?  You might be getting input from a controller on the floor or something?