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uh oh as soon as the first level loads the camera moves underneath the level and rotates.. All I can see is a spinning square >.<

finally got around to playing this and it's amazing. The music, level design, sprite work are all top notch and I would love to see a full/expanded version of this.

Beautiful little story. The things the characters say and think; the insecurities, the weariness, the two bonded but it wasn't anything over the top and felt very appropriate given the situation. Loved it.

It would be really cool if the game could somehow write a music file to your computer so you could save the music you make.

Absolutely loved it. The music; artwork; simplicity; reminds me of a top down momodora type game. My only complaints are that the camera was zoomed in a little too far and grinding for the green sword took a loooong time.