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Depth of Extinction First Access is Live!

A topic by HOF Studios created Jun 07, 2017 Views: 205 Replies: 6
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First Access for the Turn Based Tactics Roguelike RPG Depth of Extinction is now live exclusively on! We are offering this limited first access to the game in order to collect data to balance the gameplay before a wider release in a few months. This itch key will include a Steam key when we launch there later this year.

We are incredibly grateful to the community for the support of our demo last year and hope this release will be as successful as that one!


Thanks for sharing, I put it up on the homepage.

We appreciate it! Great work on the site, especially the butler tools :)

How can I change the image that displays with the game on the home page? It looks like someone manually set it to the current icon. I think the first screenshot on the game page would display better as it's hard to see much on the current image.

Hey @leafo - can you please update our leader banner to use this image rather than what is there now? Thanks!

Admin (1 edit)

Sure, you can change it here: (it's a secret link right now). Replace the wide cover image. Keep in mind that text doesn't really work well on the module since the aspect ratio changes based on screen size. I'm in the processes of redoing the homepage to help alleviate some of these issues.

Nice! Thanks.