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I made a little shooter game !

A topic by Damoy created Jun 04, 2017 Views: 108 Replies: 4
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Hey ! I share a small shooter prototype that I have done in a week, if you have feedback  do not hesitate, it can only help me improve / create my next games !

You have to kill waves of monsters, collect the items dropped to set highscores !

Here's a screenshot of in-game 'content' : 

Ingame screen

 thanks :D


You can embed an image by pasting a link to it (not the imgur page) on a line by itself in the editor, and pressing Enter.

I'm probably stupid but I don't understand, I tried to link the direct imgur link image into the URL of the link option of the editor but it seems the result is the same, I can't access to my computer images from the editor ?


That's odd, it should have worked. Let me try:

Huh. I dunno what the problem is. In any event, you can't upload images directly to the forum. But you can link directly to the screenshots on your game page; it's what I do to avoid having to use another image hosting service.

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Well that's strange, even if I link to the url of a screenshot of my game page, it's the same, thanks for answers however !