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Hey !       

I released the game I made for the Ludum Dare compo in about 15 hours.

The game is quite simple and short so I won’t spoil by indicating how to move, shoot…

The theme was "The more you have, the worse it is."

Escape or kill the zombies and solve the labyrinth.

The idea was that the map becomes bigger and bigger but your move possibilites fewer and fewer :)

Thanks for reading, hope you'll  have some fun :)

(the Ludum link :

- Damoy

Linux (+ Mac Os ?) support now available ! 

Here's a link to the devblog :

Thanks a lot for your feedback ! I do agree with your concerns and I will consider them :D Have fun ! 

Hey !

I made this little game, in Java, from scratch, for the jam, in less than 48 hours, 

You have to escape the jail, using your power and items,

there are 10 levels, hope you'll have some fun ! :D

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Well that's strange, even if I link to the url of a screenshot of my game page, it's the same, thanks for answers however !

I'm probably stupid but I don't understand, I tried to link the direct imgur link image into the URL of the link option of the editor but it seems the result is the same, I can't access to my computer images from the editor ?

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Hey ! I share a small shooter prototype that I have done in a week, if you have feedback  do not hesitate, it can only help me improve / create my next games !

You have to kill waves of monsters, collect the items dropped to set highscores !

Here's a screenshot of in-game 'content' : 

Ingame screen

 thanks :D