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400 Bad Request

A topic by Mister created Jun 04, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 6
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Browsing the app fine today and now I'm repeatedly getting "400 Bad Request: Request Header Or Cookie Too Large" on every page. Clearing the cache in app is not doing anything. Can browse fine in Chrome. 


It seems I have been able to resolve the issue; though I suspect only temporarily - by deleting folders in the AppData/Roaming/itch/Partitions folder. I expect the issue will reoccur in due course and I'll have to repeat this to resolve the issue, perhaps this could be looked into? 

I ran into the exact same issue whilst browsing the site through Google Chrome,  exact same error message, and had to delete cookie data for the site in the browser's settings in order to be able to visit the site again. Again this seems like an issue that is likely to reoccur. 


We've seen that issue happen before (a few rare cases), did you try checking "Delete Cookies" when clearing the app's local data though? That feature is there almost because of that rare bug :)

I did yes, but unfortunately that didn't solve it. I tried once with just cached ticked, once with both. Also tried logging out and back on, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but to no avail. As mentioned it does appear solved for now, though I suspect the issue might repeat itself.


Alright, I'll double-check that clearing cookies actually clears cookies.

As for the underlying issue, what would help if for you to give us the contents of your cookie (privately, to ) if it happens again. I would've asked you to do it for this time but it was already too late :)

No worries, will do. Thanks for the help.

Happened again. In what form do I send these cookies/how do I do that?