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Fun stuff!

Yeah then I was just chased around the house in circles for a while, hah. Wasn't really sure what to do next.

Another pretty enjoyable little experience, though it does seem to suffer from some of the same issues I had with The Concierge, namely regarding the text speed and a few spelling errors here and there. 

Again, the plot really needed some more meat to it in order to really stand out. I did like the concept, and the mechanic of switching between the dog and man was a neat idea. In practice however it was hampered somewhat by fairly clunky controls. Both characters frequently got stuck on objects or in one another's way. At one point I ended up accidentally charging into the dog so hard it went flying off screen, heh.

Short but fairly neat little experience. I did have a little issue with the text speed as it was far too slow for me. In a text heavy game, ideally the player should have control of when the dialogue proceeds to accommodate all reading speeds. Otherwise you get slower readers missing things and faster readers waiting around. Also there was one little spelling mistake on some pots on the ground floor where 'nothing' was spelt 'noting'. 

For me the plot could have done with some fleshing out, it didn't really substantiate in anything. Overall though, I enjoyed it well enough. Would definitely say, having played most of your projects, that I personally far prefer these pixel games than the 3D ones. 

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Pretty spooky. Couldn't work out how to escape if it is possible.

That would be because it is not out yet, haha. 

Really neat little game, nicely done in all regards. The artwork and audio were great and the puzzles were fun. Thoroughly enjoyed your Overlooker games and will definitely be looking to check out the full Towards the Pantheon, nice job!

Hi, just wanted to drop a note saying I very much enjoyed this VN and am looking forward to future chapters! Thought you established characters and an engaging plot well in this opening. Definitely felt the Higurashi vibes both aesthetically and mechanically. Neat work!

Neat stuff, great art work too, very abstract. However, personally I do feel it could have benefited from more audio throughout.  Too many long periods of silence for my liking. Also it was almost entirely trial and error in most instances, though perhaps that was the intention. An interesting experience either way. 

Pretty good, especially for a student assignment project. Showed a solid understanding of the horror genre. It looked fairly nice too. That said, I do feel like it could have benefited from some more interactivity, as there wasn't much for the player to do besides go from one spooky event to the next. Neat job overall though!

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Pretty nice stuff, neatly written. Just a heads up, the first instance of being able to sprint into the park turns up a scripting error and crashes the game.

Absolutely fantastic little game. Really nicely done, great work!


Nice art!

Truly spooky!

Hi, I've played it through again!

First things first, really nice job! It's clear you've put in a load work since the last build and it certainly does show. This version was clearly much improved and since I already enjoyed the original that was great to see. You effectively built tension and created a very unsettling atmosphere, it reminded me in a lot of ways of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And the 1988 film Scarecrows, at least for the first section. I am a sucker for attentions to detail and it was obvious you'd made a lot of effort in this department. The cornfields rustling, the swing swinging, all the little things like that were just great. I loved the thunder storm and rain effects too. There was also a lot more going on in this demo and it definitely left me eager to see more by the end of the chapter. 

Few little spelling errors I noticed;

> During the intro cutscene, 'strech' should be 'stretch'.

> When finding the schoolbus, 'It still warm' would be 'It is/it's still warm'.

> In the bloody building, when interacting with the two photos/portraits the dialogue is 'Why is everything is covered in blood' , the second is needs removing. 

My only little issue, and this is a matter of personal preference more than anything else, is that the time that interaction dialogues are displayed is slightly too long. I guess this all depends on reading speed, but it would be nice if after interacting with something, pressing interact again would skip/cancel the dialogue. The only place this really became a niggle for me was that I like to interact with (absolutely) everything, and some of the windows had the same dialogue so I was just sort of waiting for a second or two. Like I say this is a really small and personal issue, haha.

Overall, this is a vast improvement and really awesome to see. A lot of projects on this and similar sites have tons of potential only to be abandoned a year or even a month or two after appearing and its a real shame, so it is great to see this project still going strong and with such improvement too. Really nice job to the team. Sorry for the essay length post, haha. 

Haha, awesome. Will give it another try!

Nice stuff. Neat visuals and audio, well done on such a short timeline. Good job!

I downloaded the one named Into the Mist Updated 1.2.

Not too bad at all, though there were definitely some issues. First off, the visual style and art looked neat - very reminiscent of games like Imscared and 7Days, but different enough in terms of content to feel unique. The Lamb looked neat too. I liked the premise of the game and her part in the story. 

The not so great things;

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, the controls were infuriating. The character controlled clunkily and constantly became stuck to objects, walls, even the ceiling at one point whilst I was attempting to escape being imprisoned in something else, hah. The menus could really have done with some cleaning up as a lot of them overlapped and dialogues were too long for the dialogue boxes. When loading a game, the screen consistently filled with text about loading models/errors and such like. The story was quite undeveloped, which was a shame as what was there had me interested, it just felt like it could have done with a fair amount of fleshing out. 

Overall pretty neat and I'd definitely be interested in seeing a sequel if you do decide to do one as the world you built does seem to have potential, albeit with some technical issues in its current state.

Another neat little text horror. Nice stuff!

Felt a lot like the House Abandon. Couldn't work out how to proceed in the second 'loop' as it were. Not really sure what I was missing.

Nice visual style.


Spooky. I liked the music. The Chrome version does load for me, but it just starts with the character walking straight forward and the controls don't work. Downloadable version worked fine though.

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Pretty neat, challenging though. I liked the visuals and audio.

Excellent game, fantastic visuals and audio and genuinely creepy at times. Great job.

Pretty fun and neat graphics!

Neat stuff, I loved the writing style, very fitting contextually. 

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Pretty fun, like the visual style.

Truly haunting.

Fun stuff, nice job!

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Fun little game!

Nice stuff, interesting plot.



Fun stuff, liked the neon aesthetic.