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Hey QZ, is this still in production? As you know, I super enjoyed Prom Dreams and would be interested in seeing where this one goes too!

Neat idea!

Pretty cool stuff! I really liked the visual presentation of it all. The controls were a little fiddly though, and I did find myself stuck in the ground or launched several feet into the sky in certain areas. Nice job overall!

Pretty neat stuff!

Oops sorry my bad, I was thinking of another game called Saturdays.

What I did play was really neat stuff! Nice visuals and enjoyably creepy. Did notice a few spelling errors but besides that it was all good. However, I have become stuck at a point shortly after the lights go out. After cutting through to the crack in the basement, talking to Tim he mentions tying him up. I can't find any way to proceed from here and I believe I've clicked on everything/tried to use what I have on everything. If you could guide me on the next step it would be much appreciated ;).


Short but sweet, nice artwork. Definitely felt the Bad Dream series vibes too.

Saw the ending coming fairly early on, but overall that was really nicely done experience, especially so for a first game. The visuals in particular were really neat looking. Great atmosphere building too. I'd definitely be up for seeing more projects in this style, nice job!

Personally I preferred the other version of this, but nice job nevertheless.


Neat little demo, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The visual style was really nice, loved the rain effects. Definitely looking forward to the full release!


Neat art style!


Pretty fun stuff, I definitely felt the Layers of Fear inspiration too. Agree with some of the other comments that the story could have benefited from a bit more fleshing out. One other little gripe I had was that the font chosen for some areas like the doors being locked would have been better were it something more in keeping with the tone of the game, as it is it is quite out of place. Nice job overall though!

Neat little experience, nicely done on such a short timeframe. Voice acting is always a pleasant touch in indie games, so extra props for that. The ending was good stuff too. Nice job!


Pretty neat!

Fun stuff!

Pretty fun so far!

Probably the same issue as mentioned by anythinggaming, but it was way too difficult to control. Desperately needs some options for mouse sensitivity and on a lesser note motion blur, as both were so high it was practically impossible to navigate. Looks neat, but unfortunately I could not really play it as it currently controls. Also, regardless of what resolution I put the game in most of the menus ended up getting cut off.

Voice acting was a nice touch!


Pretty neat, I liked the retro feel!


doin me a heckin frighten


Spooky indeed!

Pretty good stuff, I liked the audio!

Pretty fun!

Short but pretty sweet! I liked the visuals. Could have benefited from a little more interactivity for me personally, but nice job!