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Really neat stuff, loved the way this played, it was very original and would be excellent as a longer length experience too. I was a little mystified by the actual narrative though, and I'm still not entirely sure if I've reached the actual "end". Either way, it was a great little experience well worth checking out.

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Just wanted to drop some praise to the dev team; this was terrifically well done.  Most "PT-likes" in this vein fall flat as they are just uninspired carbon copies, but the escalating tension coupled with fantastic use of lighting and audio really made this stand out. I was peering round corners and behind my back with each new corridor just waiting for the inevitable, haha. First time round I did encounter a bug in which I fell through the floor and out of map though, and sometimes the lighting on the television set would appear incorrectly in certain loops when turning the telly on with the remote. A few niggles aside though this was really neat, nice job to all involved.

EDIT; Watching Queen Faith's vid, it seems they also encountered the bug with falling out of map toward the end.

Excellent stuff as always, low-res spookiness! I must admit I was stuck on the "bad" ending for longer than I'd care to admit, was convinced it had something to do with the sequence I was doing the instructions in! Screwed my head on and got it eventually haha. Also I always always look out of the windows in horror games and this satisfied that urge ;)

Terrific demo, very nostalgic feel to the game and the sound design was excellent, can see why headphones were recommended. Will definitely keep an eye on this project!

Pretty cool, I liked the Souls-y feel to it, particularly how each boss had a different "phase" of battle. Nice job!

Pretty neat! There were a few spelling errors here and there and in some parts the </> weren't working properly and were appearing as that, but it was an enjoyable read and I liked finding the different endings.

Fun little game! Definitely captured those Uninvited vibes.

That was really excellent, very tense adaptation of the story. Nicely done!

Very very brief, though I understand it was for a jam. Was enjoyable to play though and captured the aesthetic, had some interesting characters too. Definitely has potential to be fleshed out!

I'm confused...

Pretty cool little experience, could maybe have benefited from some more ambient sound effects but it was quite tense when they were bearing down on you!

Agree with Neco, the game is a bit too unforgiving.

Pretty neat!

Another neat and unnerving little experience from you, hankworx!

Intriguing and quite ominous!

Pretty neat stuff. I also encountered the same bug as Otherworld and had to load an earlier save though. 

Some very neat visuals!


I agree with the previous comment, the game is slightly too unforgiving. It also could have benefited from some background audio. But nice art style.

Agree with the previous comments' points, but definitely has potential.

Pretty neat, nice visual style!

Fun to play and I quite liked all the little lines of dialogue when observing certain objects, neat stuff!

Sounds and looks very interesting, will be keeping an eye on this project!

Nice stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed that, especially for the short production time!

Interesting concept!


Pretty neat!

Agree with the previous comment but fun.


Neat idea.

Voice acting was a nice touch but the landscape was a little bland.

Really nice little experience! It looked neat and was well written. I'd definitely like to see more!

Pretty fun.