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Dog Fight - FREE Side-scrolling Shooter

A topic by CoconutBonce Games created May 31, 2017 Views: 208 Replies: 2
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My first game Dog Fight is out now!

Fly and shoot your way through 8 levels, 3 boss fights and a load of explosions in this side-scrolling, retro-ish shooter!

Includes 4 different items to collect after you defeat your enemies including: extra points and upgrades for your fighter plane.

Beat the game? There's always Infinite Battle which allows you to fight infinite waves of enemies for the highest score.

Go here to download: https://coconutbonce-games.itc...

Please try it out and give feedback :)

-Coconut Bonce

A fun little game, good job!

Honestly, didn't expect to be flying a plane when I read "Dog Fight", haha, but I liked it.

One small issue I noticed while playing though is that some of the bombs that spawn could be a little too high up on the screen where the plane can't even reach. This doesn't necessarily ruin the game, simply creates one target that can't be hit. Perhaps add a limit to how high/low the enemies can spawn?

In any case, good job and I hope you enjoyed making this game and continue to make more and improve! 

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Thanks very much!

I'll definitely try to fix that, should be easy enough. :/

I actually came up with a load of really dumb names like Sky Wars but finally settled on Dog Fight because that's terminology for an aerial battle between fighter aircraft.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to ask is: how far did you get into the game? I'm a little worried that it's impossible to complete XD

Thanks again! :)