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Wow you've done a good job with this :D Really like the shard mechanic and the art style is great. I feel like the movement could be a little tighter and I think the difficulty curve could be improved but other then that it's awesome! You could definitely release this as a full game with more levels and some tweaking ;)

This is awesome. Though my sister was very confused. XD I kinda wanted to bob the teabag around with the string but I've got no idea how you'd do that. :/

Great music as well. :)

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Awesome game. I like the filter that makes it look a bit like an old TV. Very atmospheric. :) Unfortunately the ending was spoiled slightly by reading the comments. XD I'll make a mental note for next time. 

Play as Pablo Slides, a penguin who races down hills for glory, in a fast-paced top-down racing game. XD

The game rewards you the faster you go.

This is my second game on

Download here:

- Coconut Bonce

Considering you made this in just an afternoon this is really good :)

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Thanks very much!

I'll definitely try to fix that, should be easy enough. :/

I actually came up with a load of really dumb names like Sky Wars but finally settled on Dog Fight because that's terminology for an aerial battle between fighter aircraft.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to ask is: how far did you get into the game? I'm a little worried that it's impossible to complete XD

Thanks again! :)

My first game Dog Fight is out now!

Fly and shoot your way through 8 levels, 3 boss fights and a load of explosions in this side-scrolling, retro-ish shooter!

Includes 4 different items to collect after you defeat your enemies including: extra points and upgrades for your fighter plane.

Beat the game? There's always Infinite Battle which allows you to fight infinite waves of enemies for the highest score.

Go here to download: https://coconutbonce-games.itc...

Please try it out and give feedback :)

-Coconut Bonce